YouTube removes four Alex Jones videos, issues warning.

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Only four? Which Alex Jones videos are NOT offensive?

Courtesy of NBC News

YouTube on Wednesday removed four videos from the channel of Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who founded the far-right media outlet Infowars, and issued a warning that more violations could result in a ban from the video platform.

Jones’ channel was issued a “strike,” first reported by The Verge, as part of YouTube’s three-strike policy for publishers who abuse the platform’s terms of service. A source familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak publicly confirmed the strike was issued. The four videos counted together as one strike, the source confirmed.

All four of the videos were removed for violating the rules of “violent or graphic content,” according to a screenshot of the violations posted by Infowars.

Newsweek describes what was in each of those removed videos:

In one of the removed videos, titled “How To Prevent Liberalism: A Public Service Announcement,” a large man grabs a child swinging punches by the throat and throws the boy hard to the floor. The child bangs his head and begins to cry.

Another of the deleted videos, titled “Shock Report: Learn How Islam Has Already Conquered Europe,” has Jones say North Africans “don’t work, they commit massive crime, they’re extremely caveman-like and war-like,” and making other generalizations about Muslims.

A third video, titled “Video: French President Macron Pretends Crime Rates And Migrants Are Not Related,” has Jones claiming “almost all the crime in London of the type of raping and acid attacks and all this is Islamic.”

Jones also claims Muslims are being imported as a bloc vote and are corrupting democracies, and “now dominating, they’re allowed to rape women in public everywhere, and nothing is done.”

The fourth video, titled “Shocking ‘Drag Tots’ Cartoon Sparks Outrage,” rails against an animated spin-off of RuPaul’s Drag Race in a quasi-religious rant about hell and fire, and suggests those involved in the LGBT community are Satanists.

It also includes footage of a documentary about children who dress in drag, and Jones draws a parallel with pedophilia.

Keep in mind that Infowars has 2.4 million subscribers. 

That is a lot of hateful people that he inflames on a daily basis. 

Free speech is a concept which should be embraced, but hate speech designed to cause harm to others simply has no place in this country.

Well, at least it should have no place. 

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  1. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 6:56 am

    Facebook joins YouTube and scrubs videos from pages belonging to InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

  2. anon July 27, 2018 at 7:22 am

    OT? “hate-triotism”

    “On “Hannity,” Barr apologized and made excuses for her deplorable behavior, declared herself a champion of Israel and talked about her mental illness in ways that might make advocates for the mentally ill cringe. When asked about her past reveal that she suffers from multiple personality disorder, Barr says, “Well, I don’t suffer from it anymore. I enjoy it!””The entire hour of Thursday’s “Hannity” provided a platform for Barr,” “Throughout her unfiltered conversation with Hannity, which aired with limited commercial interruptions”

    “Barr is the enemy of the mainstream media elite, and that makes her Hannity’s people. Enough said. And the enemy of the Fox News viewer’s enemy has an entire channel on YouTube where she plans to continue sharing her pseudo-psychedelic ramblings.”
    “I’m a creative genius,” “and this is not a good feeling for an artist to be treated this way, and it’s not a good feeling for a citizen either. And here’s who I am: I’m somebody who cares about civil rights. . . . You call me racist. I don’t accept it. I know who I am and uh, I’m not a racist. And the people who voted for Trump, they’re not racists either and Trump isn’t a racist.”

    “I will always defend Israel because I’m a Jew and I also have family that lives there. So that is a tweet about, I’m asking for accountability from the previous administration about the Iran deal, which Valerie Jarrett is the author of.” original posting but dated to May 29, 2018, reads “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” “I assumed because she was a, you know, from Iran and living in Iran for such a long time and writes about how she and Barack Obama hung out for a long time and the reason they were so tight and such friends, it’s because they, they don’t like the idea of American exceptionalism,”

    “Until now she’s been able to get broadcast work time and again, get her kicks as a social media bully and Internet troll, cross the line, apologize, retreat and start the cycle over again. She pledges to quit social media and doesn’t make good on that promise.”

  3. anon July 27, 2018 at 7:50 am

    “I A$$umed because she was a, you know> a rag head sand ni&&er..>From Iran and living in Iran for such a long time “…

  4. anon July 27, 2018 at 8:18 am

    News speak>Language>”Simon Schama, the Historian and author joins Christiane Amanpour in London to discuss President Trump’s ongoing fight against truth.” ‘CYNICISM’ A Clearline between FACT & fiction. “Disrespect is the oxygen of freedom.” “need engagement”

  5. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 8:56 am

    Roseanne Barr’s scatterbrained interview with Sean Hannity turns into a disaster

    The View’s Meghan McCain slams conservative rabbi for defending Roseanne: ‘She is every gross stereotype’ of Trump fans

  6. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 8:58 am

    A St. Louis-area teacher challenged a teenager to defend his support for President Donald Trump — and he ends up finding more to criticize than to praise.

    Two women and the Trump supporter amicably debated the president during his visit Thursday to Granite City, Illinois, in a video recorded by a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter.

    Neither woman or the boy, who is holding a hand-lettered “we love Trump/Pence” sign and says he’s 17 years old, are identified by the reporter, who describes one woman as a teacher.

    “Use your right to vote, vote in every election, and be involved and be concerned, and pay attention,” the teacher says. “Learn something … take that opportunity.”

    The teen insists that he has been, and he admits there are things about Trump that he does not like.

    “I do not like Trump as a person,” he says. “He says things about women that I do not appreciate. I personally do not think that Trump is a racist person — do you think he’s racist?”

    An onlooker says she does think the president is racist, and the teacher asks him to defend Trump on moral grounds.

    “Can you put things of conscience aside?” she says. “When a lie is proven — any candidate — and there have been felons that have been running for office. We are in a climate where lying is becoming the norm, and it’s terrifying.”

    The teen agrees “it’s really bad,” and the teacher explains that democratic institutions have already been weakened under Trump.

    “Institutions that people have relied on and had faith in for many, many years — the Justice Department, the FBI — those are all being marginalized and compromised,” the teacher says.

    She complains that Twitter is not even enforcing its own rules by allowing Trump’s attacks on institutions and individuals, and the teen agrees he doesn’t like the president’s tweets.

    “If I posted the things he posts, they would ban me, because I’m not famous and I’m not a world leader,” she says. “They say it’s okay because he’s a world leader.

    The encounter opens with the teen attempting to explain socialism, and the effort embarrasses an onlooker.

    “Socialism is where — it’s stuff like government-controlled,” the teen says, as the onlooker shakes her head in dismay.

    “Bless his heart,” she says. “He just does not know, does he? Bless his heart.”

  7. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 10:21 am

    Immigrant Youth Shelters: “If You’re a Predator, It’s a Gold Mine”
    We obtained police reports and call logs from more than two-thirds of the shelters housing immigrant children. Here’s what they show.

  8. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 10:23 am

    Role reversal: Architect of 2010 GOP House takeover in trouble
    Texas Rep. Pete Sessions is at risk of losing his seat to a Trump-fueled wave.

    The man who engineered the 2010 Republican takeover of the House is racing to save himself in his own election this year — and he admits, in so many words, that President Donald Trump isn’t helping.

    Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, a longtime party leader and former House GOP campaign chief, is confronting a treacherous political landscape back at home — a well-funded Democratic opponent with a boffo résumé, a rapidly diversifying and more liberal district, and, perhaps most critically, a constituency of well-educated and upper-income suburban voters who increasingly are turning on the president.

    His predicament underscores the grave danger confronting Republicans this fall. As the party braces for an electoral drubbing that threatens to wipe out the majority they won eight years ago, the list of incumbents under duress is growing ever longer — and even powerful lawmakers like Sessions, a sharp-elbowed tactician who hasn’t faced a serious reelection contest in over a decade, are suddenly trying to survive a Trump-fueled bloodbath. In Texas alone, Democrats are targeting three Republican incumbents who’ve been in office for over a decade.

  9. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 2:52 pm

    Facebook touts fight on fake news, but struggles to explain why InfoWars isn’t banned

    Alex Jones Reportedly Sent CNN Cease and Desist Accusing Them of ‘Un-American’ Conduct

    CNN’s Oliver Darcy has been doing a fair amount of reporting recently on Facebook and fake news. Earlier this month Darcy asked Facebook officials about why their desire to combat misinformation online does not seem to include taking down conspiracy outlet InfoWars.

    Fast-forward to today and Darcy now has reporting on one big move Facebook has finally taken:

    …Well, it turns out that after this report was filed today, Jones sent CNN a “cease and desist” through a representative.

    As Darcy described on air, the statement was “totally bonkers.” The cease and desist apparently accuses CNN of being “outrageously anti-American” and trying to ban his free speech.

    Jones went after CNN in a YouTube video posted this afternoon titled “CNN Caught Bullying Alex Jones and InfoWars.”

  10. Anon July 27, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    This opportunistic sociopath is truly disgusting and has absolutely no social conscience.(I know I’m being redundant here, but these type of people turn my stomach)..

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