Courtesy of NBC News

“You’re a damn liar, and that’s not true,” Biden snapped at the man during a campaign event in New Hampton, Iowa, as an audience of adults and children looked on.

The former vice president Biden then challenged the man — who had also questioned Biden’s fitness for the White House given his age — to feats of strength, endurance and intelligence.

“I’m not sedentary,” said the 77-year-old Biden. “You want to check my shape on, let’s do push-ups together, let’s run, let’s do whatever you want to do, let’s take an IQ test.”

The man, who refused to identify himself to NBC News, later told a reporter he would vote for Biden if he wins the Democratic nomination for president.

The man said, “God no,” when asked if he would vote for President Donald Trump.

“No, he’s a first-class a–hole,” the man said.

The man ignited Biden’s ire with a comment that referenced President Donald Trump’s pressuring of Ukraine last summer to investigate Biden and Hunter Biden in connection with Hunter’s position on the board of the natural gas company Burisma.

There is a reference in the article to Biden calling the man fat, but I do not think that is what he really said. 

I think he started to respond with the word “facts” and then mumbled his words a little. 

I personally think Biden needs to push back hard on this bullshit Burisma allegation, but some are saying he might have been too aggressive. 

What do you think?