As American as apple pie, and as deadly as coronavirus laced apple pie.

Courtesy of KXAN:

Is it safe to fire up the grill this summer with the family in the backyard?

According to national trends, unless you’re gathering with family from your own household, the answer is no.

Just days ago, a Dallas man who threw a party under the belief that COVID-19 was a Democratic hoax said he regretted the decision after one family member died and 13 others tested positive.

“I cannot help but feel responsible for convincing our families it was safe to have a get-together,” Green told NBC News in a phone interview. “There’s a lot of things that I would have done differently.”

In June, another Dallas family saw 18 members fall ill with COVID-19 after a surprise birthday party.

Those infected — and hospitalized — include Ron Barbosa’s 88-year-old father, his 86-year-old mother and his sister, who is undergoing chemotherapy.

“Everybody says, ‘Oh, it’s my family. I’m going to go see my brother. I’m going to see my cousin,’ and they think that’s a safe word,” Barbosa told BuzzFeed News.

Earlier last month, in Charlotte, North Carolina, health officials say that a single family gathering was responsible for at least 40 cases of COVID-19, likely due to family members and guests who didn’t know they were already infected.

The County Public Health Director Jennifer McCracken said that family members then returned to their daily activities — before showing symptoms — and likely helped the disease spread locally.

Look everybody loves a good barbecue, myself included. 

However, there is no rack of ribs, grilled burgers, or barbecued chicken breasts that are worth my life. 

People need to recognize that just because they are hanging out with people that they love and trust, does not mean that any one of them, who has not been living with them since March, might not be shedding Coronavirus all over everybody. 

This virus is a patient opportunist and it is just waiting for us to drop our guard so that it can claim a whole slew of new victims. 

And I don’t know about everybody else but I care too much about my family members to invite them over and risk all of our lives for some burgers and hot dogs.