Wow! That seems a little optimistic.

Courtesy of the Hill Reporter:

The store is selling commemorative “Donald Trump defeats COVID-19” coins for the low, low price of $100.

There is not yet a photo of the coin. The item is one pre-order and will ship out to customers on November 7th. This date, incidentally, is just 4 short days after the 2020 election.

The description of the item reads:

“Historic moments in history: President Donald J. Trump defeats COVID-19 with icons of his entire first term. Gianni Limited 2500 edition art series coin.”

The release of the coin may be a bit premature. While White House Dr. Sean Conley has been painting an optimistic picture, reporters and doctors aren’t so sure of what is going on with the president.

I swear Donald Trump is a huckster to the end.

If he thought he could presell tickets to his own funeral he would be doing that right now. 

I have to say that if Trump does not ultimately win his fight against the Coronavirus that these coins will triple in value overnight. 

Might actually be a good investment.