Courtesy of Newsweek:

A group of right-wing activists filed a “formal complaint” with the New Castle Police Department, in New York, this weekend calling for criminal charges to be brought against a notable area resident: former U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Members from the Equal Justice Tour, a group of radical right-wing activists advocating for the arrest of Clinton, marched to the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate’s local police department near her home in Chappaqua on Saturday to drop off the complaint documents with officers. A New Castle Police Department officer confirmed to Newsweek their arrival at roughly 2:30 p.m. local time.

A live-streamed video of the incident, shared on Facebook, depicted a member of the group handing over the documents to an officer inside the police station.

“Some of us are veterans and we swore to defend the Constitution from domestic enemies,” the activist told the officer, adding that Clinton “was a public servant and she should be held accountable, so now we’re looking to hold her accountable.”

“You, as a lawful officer, you took an oath to uphold justice, uphold the law and so these,” he added while holding up a small stack of papers that he said were “signed and notarized.”

“Okay, I will take these and I will forward them to the prosecutor,” the officer responded, politely.

I believe that “the prosecutor” in this case is a name they have given to their wastebasket.

Jesus, this is just pathological at this point. 

The woman is no longer seeking office and seems to be staying mostly out of politics, and yet these yahoos feel justified in continuing to hound her. 

By the way, can you even imagine the cognitive dissonance required to accuse Hillary Clinton of criminality while supporting Donald Trump? 

That is mindboggling.