Courtesy of 7 News:

The woman who accuses Prince Andrew of having sex with her when she was 17 appears to have tweeted an eerie message to say she is not suicidal – just in case something happens to her.

Former American Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who now lives in Queensland, says she was a teenager when she was trafficked by dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with Prince Andrew in 2001.

Epstein died in a New York prison of an apparent suicide in August this year, about a month after his arrest on sex trafficking charges.

However, many people believe Epstein was murdered in an effort to keep him quiet about his many high-profile friends who may have participated in his sex parties at various locations across the world.

“I am making it publicly known that in no way, shape or form am I suicidal,” Giuffre said via a Twitter account that appears to be genuine on Wednesday.

I think this is pretty smart. 

I also think that Epstein was murdered, and while Prince Andrew is not my first suspect, if I were in this woman’s shoes I would be covering all my bets. 

Jeffrey Epstein was a high profile personality being held behind bars within the New York prison system, if he could be taken out without witnesses, some woman nobody knows living in Australia would be extremely vulnerable.