Oh, this is bad.

Courtesy of Salon:

An FBI “external intelligence note” that was sent to law enforcement and government agencies by the bureau’s Phoenix field office in May warns that immigration activists are “increasingly arming themselves and using lethal force to further their goals,” although it offered no evidence of violence.

The memo alleges that “anarchist extremists” are “very likely” increasing the “targeting” of immigration enforcement officers and detention facilities and pose the “risk of armed conflict.” The memo acknowledges that the claims were made with “medium” and “low confidence.”

Even though nearly all evidence cited in the memo refers to nonviolent protests and statements, the document alleges that the “threat” to Arizona “likely will grow” and may be “emboldened” if given an “opportunity for an escalation to violence.”

The memo further claims that some of the groups it described as “anarchist extremists” have “banned firearms or [are] carrying loaded weapons.” No specific evidence that this had actually happened was cited.

“These indicators, if found to be accurate, could cause a change in the confidence levels or in the assessments in general,” the document says.

The evidence cited for the FBI’s claims largely refers to activist websites and social media accounts calling for “disruptions” near ICE facilities.

The allegation that immigration activists are arming themselves appears to refer to comments from “antifa” groups about training members to use firearms. There have been no instances of shootings linked to antifa members. The document also cites a single human source to claim a group planned to provide “armed support of the migrant caravans” in December 2018. There has been no evidence that any group or any individuals actually did so.

This is the kind of careless rhetoric that gets people killed. 

And we know that it came directly from Trump and his anti-immigrant pals in the White House, likely inspired by some bullshit that Trump saw on Fox and Friends or Sean Hannity. 

This is just a peek at how American law enforcement is being agitated in the hopes that they will overreact when confronted with peaceful protests.

That could signal a return to the 1960’s when civil rights protests and anti-war protests were often broken up by police dogs, firehoses, and swinging billy clubs. 

I have little doubt that Trump would dearly love to see protesters carrying signs targeting him beaten and left bloody in the streets.