That is a freaking brilliant ad, if you want to freak out Wall Street.

And it certainly did it’s job.

Courtesy of NYT:

In mid-July, a video featuring a clip of Ms. Roberts in the movie “Pretty Woman” ping-ponged through inboxes of Blackstone employees. The video, produced by Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office to promote a legislative campaign, showed a scene in a hotel suite where Richard Gere, playing a suave investor, admits to a young Ms. Roberts that his work was akin to stealing cars and then selling off the parts.

Ms. Warren’s tagline: “Stop Wall Street looting.”

The pitch went largely unnoticed publicly. But at Blackstone, a titan of Wall Street, the video was received with a mix of frustration and incredulity, people who work at the firm said.

They aren’t the only ones: From corporate boardrooms to breakfast meetings, investor conferences to charity galas, Ms. Warren’s rise in the Democratic primary polls is rattling bankers, investors and their affluent clients, who see in the Massachusetts senator a formidable opponent who could damage not only their industry but their way of life.

This is why Elizabeth Warren is perhaps the most important candidate running to win the Democratic nomination in 2020. 

Right now people are focused on Warren’s Medicaid for all health care plan, but I am less focused on that than I am her overall plan for restoring economic equity in this country. 

Her plans are smart, bold, and courageous.

But what’s more importnat is that she actually knows how to make them work, and how to sell them to the Amercian public. 

Simply put, there is nobody in this race with progressive ideas as well thought out as Elizabeth Warren’s.

However she now has a target on her back, and every big bank, investment company, and skittish billionaire is going to dump truckloads of money into the advertising campaign dedicated to stopping her frrom winning this Democratic nomination. 

So, does Wall Street win again, or are we going to finally show them that our democracy is not for sale?