I mean WTF?

Courtesy of NYT:

Attorney General William P. Barr met privately Wednesday evening with Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who is one of President Trump’s frequent confidants but whose Fox News is viewed by the president as more hostile toward him than it used to be.

The meeting was held at Mr. Murdoch’s home in New York, according to someone familiar with it. It was unclear if anyone else attended or what was discussed. Aides to both Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Barr declined requests for comment on the meeting.


Recently, Fox News personalities have questioned the validity of efforts by House Democrats to impeach the president. They have also helped draw attention to the debunked theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election to aid Democrats, a theory favored by Mr. Trump but which contradicts the findings of American intelligence communities and the Mueller report that Russia intervened in the election to help Republicans. And anchors such as Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham have remained vocally supportive of the president.

Nonetheless, Mr. Trump believes that the network has become more critical of him, and he has grown increasingly critical of Fox News, denouncing some anchors and reporters he does not consider to be friendly to him, such as Shepard Smith and even Ed Henry, with whom he held a recent interview. And while Mr. Trump talks frequently with Tucker Carlson, another Fox News host, Mr. Carlson has been critical of Mr. Trump’s July call with the president of Ukraine, which prompted the impeachment inquiry. Mr. Carlson said in a column for The Daily Caller website that there was “no way” to spin what took place on that call as a positive for Mr. Trump.

Okay to answer my own question the reason that Barr is meeting with Rupert Murdoch is becasue Trump told him to. 

But why in the hell would Barr agree to go, and why would Murdoch accept the meeting?

They have to know that this will get the attention of the congressional Democrats who are absolutely going to want to subpoena Murdoch now. 

And since we know that Trump calls Murdoch and Fox News hosts on a daily basis what in the hell was Barr going to say that Trump himself could not say in a phone call?

Oh wait, that’s it.

Whatever Barr talked with Murdoch about is something that they do not want said in a phone call that might be intercepted by Congress.

But what might that be?

Uh oh, I think I might know.

Courtesy of WaPo:

Shepard Smith, one of Fox News’ leading anchors and a frequent critic of President Trump, will step down from the network, effective immediately, the network announced Friday.

Smith, Fox’s chief news anchor and anchor of its afternoon news program, “Shepard Smith Reporting,” said the decision to leave was his own, but gave no further reason for his departure. He announced his resignation on the air on his Friday program, which Fox said would be his last.

Smith has been at Fox News since its founding 23 years ago, and was one of the first people hired for its launch in 1996.

In a statement, Smith said, “Recently I asked the company to allow me to leave Fox News and begin a new chapter. After requesting that I stay, they graciously obliged. The opportunities afforded this guy from small town Mississippi have been many. It’s been an honor and a privilege to report the news each day to our loyal audience in context and with perspective, without fear or favor.”

Yeah, I don’t buy that at all, do you?

And the fact that this happened right after the Barr visit, just seems a little too coincidental. 

However if a member of Trump’s Administration really did pressure a cable news outlet to fire one of their journalists for being too hard on them, that opens a whole new can of impeachable worms. 

So yeah, Murdoch is mostly definitely getting a subpoena.