See, they do more than simply drink those hideous pumpkin spice lattes. 

Courtesy of The Hill:

Polls show President Trump losing women voters by huge margins, presenting his reelection campaign with a massive hurdle to overcome as he seeks a second term in office.

Perhaps most alarmingly for Trump, the president is losing support from the white women who were pivotal to his electoral success in 2016.

Exit polls and post-election studies found Trump outperforming Democrat Hillary Clinton among white women in 2016, a statistic that the president cites on the campaign trail to combat the notion that he’s struggling with a widening gender gap in support.

But recent polling indicates that the same white female voters who propelled Trump to victory in 2016 might send him to defeat in 2020 if current trends hold.

A Quinnipiac University survey released Wednesday found Trump trailing the top five Democratic contenders by between 9 points and 16 points overall, with each leading the president by 23 points or more among all women.

As long as I live I will never understand how Trump performed better with white women than Hillary Clinton. 

She should have been the white women’s favorite damn icon. 

I mean she is white, she is a woman, and she was about to be the first female president. 

What more do white women fucking want? 

Well hopefully they learned that their damn lesson and will the right thing this time. 

Because we cannot rely simply on black women and young people to pull this off.