So, I guess the civil war we have been hearing so much about is finally here. 

Courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center

A cluster of far-right extremists including neo-fascists, white nationalists and militia members are expected to descend on Washington D.C. Saturday, amidst President Trump’s refusal to accept his loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Far-right turnout could be significant. Pro-Trump protesters have already arrived in the thousands at so-called Stop the Steal events, even those staged in smaller cities like Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Pro-Trump figures have been promoting the D.C. event for over a week. The Saturday event also coincides with Trump and his allies espousing increasingly anti-democratic views about his loss.

The D.C. protest appears to have three titles, all of which appear to represent the same protest: “Million MAGA march,” a name bastardizing Louis Farrakhan’s 1995 Million Man March in Washington; “Stop the Steal;” and “March for Trump.”

“Stop the Steal” is a reboot of a 2016 project launched by convicted felon Roger Stone to dispute votes in multiracial neighborhoods. “March for Trump,” is a brand for the event which was promoted by FOX News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday. Twitter users retweeted Hannity’s post advertising the event over 11,000 times in less than 24 hours, offering an indication of the potential enthusiasm for the event.

An Instagram post for an account purporting to speak for the Million MAGA march claims that a number of far-right social media influencers are expected to attend it, potentially bringing their fans with them. The apparent lineup includes One America News Network (OANN) correspondent Jack Posobiec, whose rise as a public figure is tied to the white supremacist movement, male supremacist and disinformation peddler Mike Cernovich, and white nationalist live-streamer Nick Fuentes. Those three men have roughly 2 million Twitter followers combined, not accounting for people who follow all three personalities or two of the three.

“CALLING ALL PATRIOTS IT IS MAGA NIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE,” Nick Fuentes wrote to Twitter on Nov. 7 about Saturday’s event.

Here is more troubling news from Media Matters

Oath Keepers militia leader Stewart Rhodes said that he has armed men on standby outside of Washington, D.C., to supposedly prevent the 2020 presidential election from being stolen from President Donald Trump. Echoing elements of the QAnon conspiracy theory during an appearance on far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ program, Rhodes said the only way to prevent his men from engaging in a “bloody fight” would be Trump declassifying information to supposedly expose pedophiles in the “deep state” and allow the president to stay in power.

Rhodes also indicated his militia will be involved in a rally to support Trump planned for this weekend in the nation’s capital.

Now if you are like me you are probably hoping to just dismiss these nutters as lunatics who are all talk and no show. 

However, since we know they are heavily armed and batshit crazy, having so many of them congregate in Washington, DC in such a volatile time seems like a recipe for disaster. 

I don’t know what the DC police can do to minimize the threat but I certainly hope they are prepared for an exchange of fire with crazy right-wingers who seem prepared to die for their orange-tinted leader. 

Can you even imagine being so dimwitted that you are willing to die for a fake reality TV billionaire? 

P.S. Now that Biden has won Georgia, these people will be apoplectic.