White Nationalist found guilty of brutalizing black man during Charlottesville riot.

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The headline for the article says he is an “Ex-white nationalist” but I don’t buy it. 

Courtesy of WaPo:

A fourth man was found guilty Friday of brutally attacking a 20-year-old African American man in a city parking garage during the deadly “Unite the Right” white nationalist rally in 2017.

Tyler Watkins Davis, 50, of Middleburg, Fla., once a member of a white nationalist group, the League of the South, entered an Alford plea in Charlottesville Circuit Court on a malicious wounding charge. The Alford plea acknowledged that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him in the assault on DeAndre Harris, a former special education instructional assistant.

During Friday’s hearing, prosecutors told Judge Richard E. Moore that Davis was seen on video whacking Harris on the head with a wooden stick — a “tire thumper.” The injury gave Harris such a large laceration on his head that it required eight staples.

Davis, through his attorney, told The Washington Post after the hearing that he has renounced white nationalism.

Yeah, see that is just bullshit. 

This guy “renounced” white nationalism in the hopes of getting a lighter sentence. 

Once he gets to prison I imagine he will have “White Power” and a swastika tattooed on his chest and probably shave his head. 

Of the three guys who were sentenced before him, one got eight years, one got six, and one got four. 

Davis is expected to get the lightest sentence because he only struck Harris one time, instead of multiple times. 

The only reason these four were even arrested is that internet sleuths found the video of the attack and managed to identify the suspects.

If not for them these assholes would likely have walked free, and continued attending rallies and attacking black people indefinitely. 

Also, keep in mind that these are the thugs that Donald Trump suggested were probably among the “good people on both sides.” 

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  1. 1stNation/BLM February 10, 2019 at 7:33 am


    tinydsjt tweet>African Americans are very angry at the double standard on full display in Virginia!

    Reply >“Don’t speak for us. Ever.’”

    “Black people are out here getting life sentences for far less than what you and your swamp are getting away with! FUCK YOU!”
    “nice try, Racist Uncle President. hey, remember when you called for the execution of five innocent black teens, or when you and your Klansman father were fined for refusing to rent your tacky apartments to black people? those were fun times, weren’t they? now, you were saying?” “Central Park 5 ring a bell?”

    “The President has once again reaffirmed for the world what a despicable, racist, culturally insensitive excuse for a human being he is.

    As he continues to make light of some of the darkest times of American History,

    For many (with a soul).. The “TRAIL” of Tears isn’t a Joke!”

    “Savage!!! I love my president!” &
    “always calls Senator Warren “Pocahontas.”
    “Donald Trump, criminal and racist, has a laugh about the Trail of Tears after earlier joking about the Wounded Knee Massacre.
    He find it hilarious when non-white people die.”

    Who will get the last ‘LAUGH’?

  2. anon February 10, 2019 at 7:50 am

    Wasn’t the wall supposed to stop this sort of thing?
    Wait, what? White?

  3. Wp February 10, 2019 at 10:36 am



    “you know if you look at Virginia’s history we are now at the 400 year anniversary, just 90 miles from here in 1619.
    The first indentured servants from Africa landed on our shores in Old Point Comfort what we call now Fort Monroe and while–“

    “Also known as slavery,” the CBS host quickly corrected him…

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