Um..can I ask if that “White House source” is named Donald ?

Man that is all kinds of crazy.

Even Hillary felt the need to respond to that tweet.

Yeah, what she said.

What’s even funnier is that this tweet almost mimics verbatim an Andy Borowitz humor column from back in 2017.

Courtesy of The New Yorker:

In what might be his most startling allegation against his former election opponent, Donald Trump on Wednesday accused Hillary Clinton of deliberately losing the 2016 election just so that he could be impeached.

“How could one of the most experienced politicians in history lose to the most unfit candidate ever?” Trump asked reporters. “Crooked Hillary lost on purpose because she wanted me to be impeached.”

Scary, isn’t it?

And just in case you thought I was being a dick and that Trump was perfectly rational all day today, here is one of his actual non-parody tweets.

Oh yeah, that White House source is most definitely Donald Trump.