“Reopen the schools, reopen the schools!”

“Wait, lock them up in the schools, lock them up in the schools!”

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

Top White House officials rang the alarm bell during a call with the nation’s governors on Monday, pleading with them to advise college presidents in their states to keep COVID-infected students on campus or risk another major outbreak.

“We know that what happened across the South [in June] was primarily driven by 18-to-25 year olds, across the South, with asymptomatic spread,” said Dr. Deborah Birx, the Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force. “Sending these individuals back home in their asymptomatic state to spread the virus in their home town or among their vulnerable households could really recreate what we experienced over the June time frame in the South. So I think every university president should have a plan for not only testing but caring for their students that need to isolate.”

The comments represent one of the most explicit acknowledgments to date that the White House’s aggressive push to bring students back to campus this fall has created serious risks for increased COVID transmission. It also underscores just how fragile the current situation is at college campuses across the country.

According to a New York Times tracker of COVID-19 at American colleges and universities, some 26,000 cases have emerged at over 750 institutions since the novel coronavirus hit the United States early this year. At the University of Alabama system alone, over 1,300 cases have been reported, according to the school’s own coronavirus case tracker.

Those spikes in infections have put college and university officials in a difficult position over how to manage community spread on their campuses.

So they assure these parents that it is safe to send their kids back to college, and then when everything hits the fan they lock their kids in their rooms and keep them isolated from their parents while they deal with a potentially fatal infection?

How did they not see this coming?

And who is left to care for these young adults at the school while they are quarantined? 

I mean how many instructors and health professionals are also going to be exposed to the virus while dealing with this completely predictable emergency?

I remember when colleges and universities were places of higher learning, now it seems as if they are run by mental midgets.