This does not seem like a good thing. 

Courtesy of Open Secrets

President Donald Trump is making hundreds of millions from foreign business dealings during his time in the White House, an OpenSecrets analysis of personal financial disclosures found.

Trump earned more than $200 million in income from his interests in foreign countries since 2016 and reported nearly $95 million of that income from foreign business dealings in his two most recent financial disclosures on file with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, according to OpenSecrets analysis of data from personal financial disclosures.

Trump’s financial disclosures, filed as recently as July 2020, show Trump reported earning over $47 million from foreign business interests in 2019. The president continued to hold at least $73 million and up to $150 million in foreign assets through a revocable trust at the end of 2019, evidence suggesting Trump has continued to profit from foreign business interests to an even greater extent than the New York Times’ review of Trump’s tax returns exposed.

The New York Times’ reporting shed new light on Trump’s taxes and business dealings during his time at the White House, revealing an unprecedented level of foreign business entanglements for a sitting U.S. president. Trump reportedly earned at least $73 million in 2017 and 2018 from his properties abroad, according to the review of Trump’s tax returns. But Trump’s refusal to release his actual tax returns leaves gaps in disclosure, and financial disclosures analyzed by OpenSecrets reveal that Trump continued to profit from foreign business interests even more than the Times reporting shows.

Trump is the first president since the Watergate Era who failed to publicly release his tax returns. And because personal financial disclosures report most income in ranges, details about Trump’s exact profits are hidden from the American public. This leaves voters in the dark about potential financial entanglements with foreign interests even as the president shapes foreign policy.

Now if this were the Washington Post or the New York Times I would have to follow some journalistic guidelines that would prevent me from saying that Trump is definitely making decisions that benefit the countries funneling money into his businesses. 

However, I am not bound by such guidelines so I will simply state what we all know to be true, which is that of course, Trump is guiding US policy based on how it benefits the people shoving money into his pockets. 

And we have seen this in action, from Trump kissing up to Saudi leaders, to Trump refusing to criticize Vladimir Putin, and of course his China “trade war” which benefited China and left America holding the bag. 

The fact that these decisions benefited Trump’s bottom line, should come as no surprise to anyone. 

After all, what would you expect from a fake billionaire other than to also pose as a fake president?