Courtesy of Yahoo News:

At a campaign event in Lebanon, New Hampshire, on Sunday, a guy named Josh asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) what she would look for in a vice president if she were to win the Democratic nomination and the 2020 election. He mentioned her dog, Bailey, before roping in the current vice president. “Do you whisper into Bailey’s ear: ‘Who is going to be my Mike Pence? Who is gonna look at me with adoring eyes?'” Josh asked. “I already have a dog,” Warren quipped. The audience loved it.

You ever think how empty you would have to be inside to be Mike Pence?

I mean to currently serve as a Trump surrogate or internet troll would already indicate that you are basically broken inside, but to be Mike Pence you would have to be as hollowed out as Sarah Palin’s cranium. 

I thought Warren was very quick with that comeback, I like that quality in a future president.