Courtesy of TPM:

Axios reported Sunday evening that for the past 18 months, the White House and its allies “assembled detailed lists of disloyal government officials to oust and trusted pro-Trump people to replace them.”

When asked about whether there is truth to Axios’ report during an interview on Fox News Monday morning, Gidley said that Trump has been “pretty clear about the fact that he wants people in this administration who want to forward his agenda.”

“Donald Trump was the only one elected,” Gidley said. “He was the only one that the American people voted for. They didn’t vote for someone at any of these other agencies, any of these other departments.”

Gidley then attacked the media before summing up with this:

“If there are any lists, I’ve not seen them” but that “we know there are people actively working against this President.”

Fox News co-anchor Sandra Smith then asked if there are plans to actively fire any of those people on that list, which prompted Gidley to suggest that government officials who are deemed to be working against the President will face consequences.

“It’s not a secret we want people in positions that work with this President and not against them,” Gidley said. “Too often we have people in this government — the federal government is massive with millions of people and there are a lot of folks out there working against this President. If we find them, we will take appropriate action.”

So to sum up White House spokesperson Hogan Gidley has not seen any lists but knows that people who are on those lists will face consequences. 

We know that Richard Nixon had an enemies list, and that Sarah Palin had an enemies list (I was on that one.), but it seems that Donald Trump’s enemies list may be the biggest one of all, since it contains virtually EVERYBODY except a handful of close associates who have pledged fealty to him and of course family members. 

This is a presidency riddled with debilitating paranoia.

It’s like if Joe McCarthy had won the presidency, only this time the Russians are the good guys.