Six? Six is not a crisis. 

Courtesy of NBC News:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection encountered only six immigrants at ports of entry on the U.S-Mexico border in the first half of fiscal year 2018 whose names were on a federal government list of known or suspected terrorists, according to CBP data provided to Congress in May 2018 and obtained by NBC News.

The low number contradicts statements by Trump administration officials, including White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who said Friday that CBP stopped nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists from crossing the southern border in fiscal year 2018.

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen told reporters on Monday the exact number, which NBC News is first to report, was classified but that she was working on making it public. The data was the latest set on this topic provided to Congress. It is possible that the data was updated since that time, but not provided to Congress.

Overall, 41 people on the Terrorist Screening Database were encountered at the southern border from Oct. 1, 2017, to March 31, 2018, but 35 of them were U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents. Six were classified as non-U.S. persons.

On the northern border, CBP stopped 91 people listed in the database, including 41 who were not American citizens or residents.

Border patrol agents, separate from CBP officers, stopped five immigrants from the database between legal ports of entry over the same time period, but it was unclear from the data which ones were stopped at the northern border versus the southern border.

Also, keep in mind that just because somebody was stopped because they were on a watch list does NOT mean they were an actual terrorist or presented any danger to the American people. That would have to be determined in a court of law. 

It just means they were people of interest. 

Now part of me wants to mock the idea that there were actually more people on the database stopped on the Canadian border, but I fear that if Trump heard that he would demand another 5 billion to build a wall on that border as well. 

Now here are a few more facts from the CNN:

In the United States since the 9/11 attacks, 455 jihadist terrorists have been charged or convicted or died before they faced trial. Not one of these terrorists crossed the southern border.

It turns out that terrorists trying to attack the United States would prefer not to travel to Central America or Mexico and then try their chances crossing the southern border. They want to fly directly to the States.

And anyway, the vast majority of terrorists don’t enter the United States at the southern border or anywhere else, because they are already in the country. Of the 455 jihadist terrorism cases since 9/11, 84% involved US citizens or permanent residents, and every lethal terrorist attack in the United States since 9/11 was carried out by a US citizen or legal resident.

So much for the excuse that building the wall will protect us from terrorists. 

I think we can pretty much guarantee that Trump is going to call a state of emergency tonight, which in my opinion is yet another impeachable offense. 

I just hope that the stations that carry his speech fact check the crap out of it in real time.