I would be if I were him.

Courtesy of CNN:

Donald Trump has every reason to be concerned about taking on former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 election, especially given that a Fox News poll released this week found him trailing Biden by a whopping 14 points if the election were held now. But Trump’s greatest threat may in fact come from Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who leads Trump by six points in the poll.

Per a CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll released Saturday, Warren has for the first time taken the lead among likely caucusgoers in that key first primary state, climbing seven points since June. And Warren appears poised to rise further if other Democrats drop out or falter in the race, given that the poll finds she’s the top second choice among all other Democratic candidates. Twenty percent would choose Warren as a second choice while Biden and Bernie Sanders are each only the second choice of 10%.


Warren is increasingly exciting people about her candidacy. This is backed by a new NBC/WSJ poll released Sunday which finds that among all the 2020 Democratic candidates, she is now the top-tier candidate who the largest amount of registered voters (17%) are “enthusiastic” about. While that number has grown from just 8 percent in March, the percentage of voters who are enthusiastic about Trump has remained the same at 26%. Biden, however, has seen the opposite trend. In March, 17% of voters were enthusiastic about him, but now the former VP has slipped to 12%. That’s not good. Enthusiasm should only be growing the more people see a candidate in debates and on the campaign trail.

True, enthusiasm is an intangible factor that can come and go, often quickly. But it’s enthusiasm that inspires people to not just vote, but to get friends to vote. It’s that passion that animates people to knock on doors for a candidate, make phone calls, give money and attend events.

In fact, just this past week, we saw an example of Warren enthusiasm on display when she held a rally in New York City and some 20,000 people reportedly attended. The massive crowd clearly unnerved Trump, who loves to brag that he draws the largest audiences. When asked about the rally by reporters, Trump did his best to downplay it, saying, “No. 1, she didn’t have 20,000 people and No. 2, I think anybody would get a good crowd there.”

Somebody seems a little overly defensive. 

And that is actually going to be a recurring theme if Trump eventually does face off against Warren. 

During the campaign in 2016 Trump often demonstrated a complete lack of control over his temper when Hillary would one up him or outmaneuver him on the debate stage. 

Don’t forget that he once yelled out “I’m not a puppet, you’re the puppet,” and threatened to have Hillary arrested once he won the election. 

Those were insane things to say during a debate, but due to an ingrained dislike for Hillary among a certain demographic, it did not completley derail his campaign as you might expect that it would. 

However this time with an opponent who comes across as much more personable that type of ranting and those extreme mood swings will likely be his undoing. 

And let’s face it Trump is a deeply misogynistic individual who has a hard time accepting crticism or correctedion from a woman. 

Warren’s cool intellectual persona is almost scientifically designed to piss Trump off.

So yeah, I think if Elizabeth Warren ends up with the nomination that Trump is well and truly fucked.