For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

Courtesy of AJC:

Georgia Democrats promised to launch new challenges against Republican lawmakers who voted for the “heartbeat” anti-abortion bill. And a first wave of those candidates announced those plans just days after the legislative session ended.

At a press conference Friday under the Gold Dome that veered from somber to celebratory, seven women Democrats announced challenges against seven Republican incumbents – of whom six are men.

The announcements were organized by Georgia Win List, which backs pro-choice Democratic women. It wasn’t meant as an endorsement, said executive director Melita Easters, but “just the beginning” of a long candidate roll-out.

“There will be a strong slate of women candidates for 2020,” said Easters. “We will flip the House and hopefully the Senate. It’s time.”

Many of the women were already planning to run before the legislative session but said the passage of House Bill 481, which outlaws most abortions as soon as a heartbeat is detected, helped cement their decision.

I really think that women are the future of the Democratic party, and seeing them rise up like this in response to this gross legislative overreach is very gratifying. 

If we can replicate this all across the country we will almost certainly hang onto the House and capture the Senate as well. 

Fingers crossed my friends.