The whole country needs to do the same.

Courtesy of The Hill:

Washington’s state Senate passed a bill this week that would drop President Trump from the state’s 2020 presidential ballot until he releases his tax returns.

The bill, which advanced Tuesday to the state’s House of Representatives, according to CBS News, would require any candidate on the ballot for president in the state to release five years of tax returns before appearing in a general or primary election.

Senators voted by a 28-21 margin to approve the bill, according to CBS. The state’s attorney general and solicitor told lawmakers in a letter this week that the proposal likely was constitutional, but analysts expect the law if passed to be challenged in federal court.

“The disclosure requirement you propose is likely Constitutional,” the two wrote to lawmakers, according to CBS, adding that the measure “would definitely be challenged in court.”

I actually do think that this will soon be the law in this country. 

I don’t know if it will happen before 2020, but it is definitely coming. 

I am also confident that Trump will NEVER release his tax returns voluntarily. 

Whatever is in them would likely take him right out of the race.