Just a reminder that not all stupid people in this country are Right Wing Trump supporters.

Courtesy of Forbes

Still think that telling people to avoid vaccination doesn’t have consequences?

Here are the latest consequences of people not getting the measles vaccine. On Friday, Jay Inslee, Governor of the state of Washington declared a State of Emergency throughout the state due to the ongoing measles outbreak that has now affected at least 26 people. This is the outbreak that I wrote about for Forbes six days ago. Clearly, things have gotten worse since then.

This means that the Washington State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan will be implemented. This means that the Washington State Military Department, State Emergency Operations Center, the Department of Health, and local officials will have to coordinate their resources and efforts. This means that taxpayer dollars and other resources that could have gone to other things now need to be allocated to deal with this emergency.

This also meant that the Governor’s office had to use quite a few whereas’s when issuing the emergency declaration such as “WHEREAS, The measles virus is a highly contagious infectious disease that can be fatal in small children, and the existence of 26 confirmed cases in the state of Washington creates an extreme public health risk that may quickly spread to other counties” and “WHEREAS, The measles vaccine is effective at preventing the disease when given prior to exposure, and proactive steps to provide the vaccination and other measures must be taken quickly to prevent further spread of the disease” and “WHEREAS, The measles outbreak and its effects impact the life and health of our people, as well as the economy of Washington State, and is a public disaster that affects life, health, property or the public peace.”

In legalese, the term “whereas” means “considering that” or “that being the case.” So, whereas, measles is a disease that was practically non-existent in the U.S. back in 2000. Whereas, anti-vaccination messages have been increasing on the Internet and social media since 2000. Whereas, measles vaccination rates have dropped since 2000. Whereas, dealing with measles is a lot more costly than simply getting people vaccinated. Whereas, what the bleep.

If you are taking your advice about vaccinating your children from a former Playboy model/B movie actress instead of from actual medical doctors you are a special kind of stupid. 

Jenny McCarthy may end up being responsible for the deaths of dozens of young children.

That is a hell of a legacy.