The future is here.

Courtesy of the AP:

Washington is set to become the first state to enter the private health insurance market with a universally available public option.

A set of tiered public plans will cover standard services and are expected to be up to 10% cheaper than comparable private insurance, thanks in part to savings from a cap on rates paid to providers. But unlike existing government-managed plans, Washington’s public plans are set to be available to all residents regardless of income by 2021.

The Legislature approved the plan last month, and Gov. Jay Inslee is scheduled to sign it into law Monday.

The move thrusts Washington into the national debate over the government’s role in health care, with a hybrid model that puts the state to the left of market-only approaches but stops short of a completely public system.

Instead, the state will dictate the terms of the public option plans but hire private insurance companies to administer them, saving the state from having to create a new bureaucracy — and guaranteeing a role for the insurance industry in managing the new public option.

Lawmakers in at least eight other states including Colorado and New Mexico have proposed their own public option measures. But so far none have passed legislation implementing a public option.

This is where the country is going, it is just a matter of time.

The question is how much time?

I think it would help if Democrats were to tell people that if there were a universally available public option throughout this country that it would immediately bring insurance costs down, lower drug prices, and completely do away with people going bankrupt to pay their medical bills. 

Every Democratic candidate needs to push the idea of the public option and then allow Elizabeth Warren to explain how it works. 

Because let’s face it, she is just better at it. 

P.S. I should probably mention that Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington, is also running for president.  Which is actually a thing I forgot when I started writing this.