AOC certainly scares the crap out of these people, doesn’t she?

Courtesy of CNBC:

Former longtime CNBC correspondent and anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera has launched a challenge in the Democratic primary against freshman firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

Caruso-Cabrera, who became a CNBC contributor when she left the network in September 2018, serves as a member of the board of directors for financial services firm Beneficient. She will take a leave from her role as CNBC contributor for the duration of the campaign, a CNBC spokesperson said.

According to a filing late Monday, she will run as a Democrat in that party’s primary in the 14th District. Caruso-Cabrera is known to be a skeptic of government and a proponent of free markets. In 2010, she published a book called “You Know I’m Right: More Prosperity, Less Government.” She has been a registered Democrat for several years.

There are all kinds of Democrats in this world.

This particular one sounds like one of those rare Republican Democrats. 

Already the Right Wing has started to celebrate her decision to run.


Do you know what kind of Democrats the right-wing and big business folks come out to support?

The ones who are secret Republicans wearing Democratic camouflage that’s who.

This Caruso-Carbrera woman has a nationally known name, I will give her that,

But AOC is much beloved in her little corner of New York so this will be an uphill battle for any potential challenger. 

Especially a fake Democrat trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the voting public.

Update: Here is another dead giveaway. 

If Mario Bartiromo from Fox is pulling for Caruso-Carbrera that tells you everything.