It’s about damn time.

Courtesy of Buzzfeed:

States with higher coronavirus death rates may see declining voter support for President Donald Trump and other Republican candidates, possibly by margins large enough to swing tight election races, a new study has found.

Less than a week away from an election that many view as a referendum on the White House’s handling of the pandemic, coronavirus cases are now rising in nearly every US state, hospitalizations are spiking, and there are worrying signs that deaths are increasing again.

The new study, which polled hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country, found that when a state’s COVID-19 death rate doubled within a month’s time, Trump’s approval rating dropped by 0.5%, independent of all other factors. The decline in support, reported in the journal Science Advances on Friday, mirrored the effects that casualties of the Korean War, Vietnam War, and Iraq War had on past presidents’ approval ratings with voters.

Led by political scientist Christopher Warshaw of George Washington University, the researchers also asked whether people changed which candidates they were planning to vote for. Across states, every monthly doubling of coronavirus death rates caused a 0.37% drop in the number of people who said they planned to vote for Trump, the study found. The drop in support for Republican senators was even steeper, at 0.79%.

These small margins could be big enough to shift close races. In 2016, the election result difference in swing states such as Michigan was just 0.23% — and some swing states in 2020, such as Iowa, appear to be just as tight. The new analysis found that the trend was particularly visible in swing states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Arizona, and Florida, with the potential to sway both the presidential election and US Senate races.

“The president himself declared he was a ‘wartime president’ at the start of the pandemic, and we are seeing death tolls above the Vietnam War and Korean War, ones we have only seen in World War II,” Warshaw told BuzzFeed News. “Voters are seeing things that way too.”

It is too bad that people have to die to convince voters to throw Trump and his GOP enablers out of office, but I guess those deaths will not be in vain if they help to ensure that others will not also die. 

We cannot even begin to solve this problem with the Coronavirus while it has a double agent running interference for it from the White House and helping to spread it with his rallies. 

And it appears that slowly people are starting to realize that.