Voice mail to Michael Flynn seems to show attempt at obstructionism by Trump attorney.

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We already saw this in the Mueller report but now it has been released to the public.

Courtesy of HuffPo:

John Dowd, an attorney who represented President Donald Trump for the first part of the Robert Mueller’s investigation, left a bumbling voicemail asking an attorney representing Michael Flynn for a “heads-up” on where the special counsel probe was headed shortly before the former national security adviser took a plea deal.

Much of Dowd’s voicemail was previously revealed in the redacted version of Mueller’s special counsel report. Dowd left the message on Nov. 22, 2017. Flynn took his plea deal on Dec. 1, 2017, and is currently awaiting sentencing.

In the voicemail, Dowd said he was “sympathetic” to the situation and understood that Flynn might be exploring a deal with the government before asking Flynn’s attorney, Rob Kelner, to provide information on where the Mueller investigation was headed.

“If, on the other hand, we have, there’s information that… implicates the President, then we’ve got a national security issue or maybe a national security issue, I don’t know… some issue, we’ve got to-we got to deal with, not only for the President, but for the country,” Dowd said. “So… uh… you know, then-then, you know, we need some kind of heads up.”

Dowd also seemed to hint at the possibility of a pardon from Trump. “Remember what we’ve always said about the president and his feelings towards Flynn and that still remains,” Dowd said.

Dowd, reached on Friday, called the issue “nonsense.”

Dowd went on to call the Mueller report a “baseless, political document designed to smear and damage the reputation of counsel and innocent people.”

Which in Trump speak means it is absolutely accurate. 

Of course, the biggest question is why was Dowd so concerned that testimony from Flynn might implicate Trump?

Unless, of course, he knew his boss was guilty that is. 

While the DOJ did comply with the request to make this voicemail public they refused a similar request to release transcripts of conversations between Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador. 

Courtesy of NYT:

Federal prosecutors rebuffed a judge’s order to release by Friday highly classified transcripts of discussions that Michael T. Flynn, the president’s former national security adviser, had with the Russian ambassador during the presidential transition.

The transcripts between Mr. Flynn and Sergey I. Kislyak, formerly Russia’s top diplomat in the United States, were expected to show that they talked in December 2016 about sanctions that the Obama administration had just imposed on Russia. Mr. Flynn initially denied those exchanges about sanctions both to Trump administration officials and the F.B.I. in the weeks after the discussions.

The conversations prompted concerns among senior Obama administration officials about whether the Trump transition team was flouting norms about holding off on making policy until after taking office. The phone calls were also at the center of the scandal that eventually prompted Mr. Flynn’s ouster just weeks into President Trump’s term.

The order this month from the judge, Emmet G. Sullivan of the Federal District Court in the District of Columbia, was unusual. The transcripts came from a secret F.B.I. wiretap of Mr. Kislyak, and their release would have provided an extraordinarily rare look at the fruits of the government’s eavesdropping. Agents routinely listen to wiretaps of foreign officials, but they remain among the government’s most closely held secrets.

Oh yeah, we need to see these as well.

And if Trump is so convinced that he did nothing wrong, there does not seem to be a reason to keep them secret. 


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    tinydjt tweet>When you are the “Piggy Bank” Nation that foreign countries have been robbing and deceiving for years, the word TARIFF is a beautiful word indeed! Others must treat the United States fairly and with respect – We are no longer the “fools” of the past!

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    Nance said:

    [Barr’s] whole mindset is that the American experiment – this entire process of three separate but equal branches of government – shouldn’t exist and that all the powers should exist in a unitary executive who is like a supreme soviet and that anyone that takes any time to look into any malfeasance of this particular player, Donald Trump, is the problem. This man is not the attorney general of the United States. I’m going to put it on the table. It is very obvious. This is Donald Trump’s political commissar. He is there as the party chieftain who is there to enforce ideological loyalty and he will not hold Trump for any investigations. It’s a shame.

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    “We let him get away with naming people,” Frank complained.

    “I think it’s time to start calling him ‘Unindicted Donald.’ I like the sound of it and it reminds people he’s unindicted — that’s his status,”


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