Courtesy of The Hill:

Virginia Del. Eileen Filler-Corn (D) was welcomed with applause on Wednesday when she was sworn in as the first female House Speaker in the state’s 401-year legislative history.

Filler-Corn, who represents the state’s 41st District in Fairfax, is also the first Jewish person to hold the position in the Old Dominion state.

“I must acknowledge the tremendous honor I feel at being the first woman Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates,” Filler-Corn said in her first speech on the chamber’s floor. “I know that being the first is a privilege and it comes with responsibility that I take with great seriousness.”

When people ask what kind of progress Democrats can make if they are elected in large numbers, well it looks a little something like this .

We are still so far behind as a country, but if people give progressives a chance they will pull this nation kicking and screaming right into the 21st Century.