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Courtesy of Newsweek:

A group of former Republican-appointed federal prosecutors this week explained why President Donald Trump would have been indicted for obstructing special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation if he were anyone but the president in a new viral video.

The video — released by Republicans for the Rule of Law (RRL), a conservative group whose stated purpose is “defending the institutions of our republic,” in partnership with Protect Democracy — features three ex-GOP prosecutors: Donald Ayer, deputy attorney general under former President George H.W. Bush, Paul Rosenzweig, deputy assistant secretary of Homeland Security under former President George W. Bush and Jeffrey Harris, deputy associate attorney general for former President Ronald Reagan.

The trio starts by describing how Attorney General William Barr misrepresented Mueller’s findings in his four-page summary, which was released roughly a month before the special counsel’s report was made public. “When I finally had the opportunity to read the Mueller report itself, I realized that the Barr summary was not a fair and accurate summary of what the Mueller report contained,” Rosenzweig said. “In the Mueller report, there is a damning case of obstruction of justice by the president. The second volume identifies 10 or 11 instances in which the special counsel examine the question of obstruction of justice.”

“As a former prosecutor, I did not think that it was even a close prosecutory call as to whether the president obstructed justice,” Harris added.

The group notes that Trump began interfering in the Russia investigation immediately after taking office.

“First thing he does is he tries to influence the [former] head of the FBI James Comey in asking him to go easy on Michael Flynn and when that doesn’t work out, he fires James Comey,” one of the prosecutors said in the video. “The worst obstruction of all was the president actively being involved to affect the testimony and cooperation of critical witnesses, being Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen.

Everybody needs to see this. 

Everything they say is true, with plenty of evidence to back it up.