Gee, how surprising.

Courtesy of CBS News

The National Abortion Federation has been tracking violence against abortion providers and clinics since 1977. The Very Reverend Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, an Episcopal priest and interim president & chief executive officer of the organization, said the violence that providers face today is “beyond anything we’ve ever seen before.”

“We’re seeing a dramatic increase in violence and disruption against clinics,” she said in an exclusive interview with CBS News.

In 2017, violent acts against abortion providers more than doubled from the year prior, according to data compiled by NAF. The group recorded 1,081 violent acts, the most since the group began tracking these incidents.

Last year, the group recorded another new record high: 1,369 reported violent acts, including 15 instances of assault and battery, 13 burglaries, 14 counts of stalking and over a thousand episodes of illegal trespassing.

This is what happens when you spend decades vilifying a group of professionals providing a perfectly legal and often necessary service.

Abortion now has become so hard to access that women are being forced to travel from state to state to get the procedure. and once on the premises now they also have to worry about their own personal safety. 

This should not be happening in America.