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U.S. intelligence agencies were issuing ominous, classified warnings in January and February about the global danger posed by the coronavirus while President Trump and lawmakers played down the threat and failed to take action that might have slowed the spread of the pathogen, according to U.S. officials familiar with spy agency reporting.

The intelligence reports didn’t predict when the virus might land on U.S. shores or recommend particular steps that public health officials should take, issues outside the purview of the intelligence agencies. But they did track the spread of the virus in China, and later in other countries, and warned that Chinese officials appeared to be minimizing the severity of the outbreak.

Taken together, the reports and warnings painted an early picture of a virus that showed the characteristics of a globe-encircling pandemic that could require governments to take swift actions to contain it. But despite that constant flow of reporting, Trump continued publicly and privately to play down the threat the virus posed to Americans. Lawmakers, too, did not grapple with the virus in earnest until this month, as officials scrambled to keep citizens in their homes and hospitals braced for a surge in patients suffering from covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Intelligence agencies “have been warning on this since January,” said a U.S. official who had access to intelligence reporting that was disseminated to members of Congress and their staffs as well as to officials in the Trump administration, and who, along with others, spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe sensitive information.

“Donald Trump may not have been expecting this, but a lot of other people in the government were — they just couldn’t get him to do anything about it,” this official said. “The system was blinking red.”

So Trump knew three months ago that we were headed for a health care emergency, and all he did was block Chinese citizens from traveling to America. 

What he did not do was to warn the American people, prepare government agencies for the crisis, and start providing funds for those places that were going to be hardest hit. 

If he had kept Obama's task force in place all of that would have been relatively easy to accomplish. 

But he disbanded it. 

So now we are dealing with this.

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As coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the globe, each country hopes that it has the ability to slow its growth in their own country.

As of today, the United States falls in last place with regard to limiting COVID-19 growth according to the number of confirmed cases. According to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, the number of confirmed cases in the United States grew at a faster rate than any other country in the world yesterday

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases rose from 7,783 on Wednesday to 13,677 yesterday. The growth of 5,894 new confirmed cases in just one day equates to a 76% increase in cases in just a 24-hour period.

Trump is desperate to change the narrative and rewrite history to show that he took decisive and effective action.

But the facts tell a different story entirely.

And Trump is still lying to the American people about the dangers of this pandemic.

So much so that Rachel Maddow issued this warning to the media about covering Donald Trump. 

She's right.

The very worst source of information right now is the current president of the United States. 

That seems almost crazy to say, but it is true nonetheless.