So Jordan Loewe was his victim. 

Courtesy of KTUU:

The eldest son of former Gov. Sarah Palin repeatedly punched his ex-girlfriend and wouldn’t let her leave when she refused to spend the night with him, according to a source close to the incident.

The source says that Jordan Loewe, 25, Palin’s ex-girlfriend, was dropping their son Charlie off so that Palin and Charlie could attend Willow Palin’s wedding together on Saturday.

According to the source, Loewe refused to spend the night with Palin which made him angry. She reportedly tried to leave with her son before Palin grabbed her by the hair, punching her multiple times in the back of the head as she held her son.

The source says that Charlie wasn’t injured in the alleged incident but he was traumatized.

Alaska State Troopers say that Palin took the victim’s phone so she couldn’t call the police, he now faces a Class A misdemeanor for allegedly interfering with the report of a domestic violence crime.

The article goes on to talk about the other times that Track has beaten and abused this woman, one of which got him arrested for domestic violence the first time. 

You know when you have an abusive person like this typically you have a third party as a go-between to pick up and deliver the children to avoid just this type of thing. 

There is literally NO reason that Jordan should put herself in harm’s way anymore. 

Because trust me, one of these days he WILL kill her.