What’s the new church going to be called, the “United Methodist Church of Homophobia”?

Courtesy of HuffPo:

Key leaders within the United Methodist Church have announced an agreement outlining how America’s third-largest religious denomination will split over the issue of LGBTQ inclusion.

The UMC’s traditionalist wing, which has steadfastly refused to ordain or preside over the marriages of LGBTQ parishioners, will split off and form a new denomination, according to a proposal published on Friday. According to the proposal, the conservatives would leave with $25 million and their local church properties.

The planned schism would allow the remaining churches to reconvene at a later date and potentially remove controversial language from the church’s rulebook that claims “the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.” LGBTQ Methodists and their allies have long argued that this language is harmful.

Wow! You know the hatred for gay people is strong if worshipers are willing to start an entirely different church just so they can go on condemning their lifestyle. 

I am surprised they did not simply rush to joine the Westboro Church. 

Those people are all about hating on “teh gays.”