Courtesy of Business Insider:

The chair of the UK Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee on Thursday accused the prime minister, who led the campaign to leave the European Union, of sitting on the report, which was sent to him weeks ago.

Member of Parliament Dominic Grieve said that his committee had sent the report on Russian influence on UK elections and referendums to the prime minister two weeks ago, but Downing Street had failed to sign it off.

He called on Johnson to allow its publication before the UK goes back to the polls in the upcoming general election.

“The Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament, of which I am the chair, has been investigating the threat posed to this country by Russia,” he told the House of Commons on Thursday.

“Parliament ought to have and must have acccess to this report in light of the forthcoming election and it is really unacceptable for the prime minister to sit on it and deny them that information.”

Wow, Boris Johnson really is the UK’s version of Doanld Trump. 

Like Trump Johnson seems compelled to deny his people information which could prove that the Russians unduly influenced an election that helped to bring them to power. 

In Britain’s case there is an increasing chance that there will be a whole new vote on Brexit. 

If the people realize that their last vote was directly influenced by the Kremlin what do we think that will mean for the outcome of the next election? 

In my opinion, anybody who suppresses information about Russian influence, or helps to make that influence more effective, should be treated as a traitor to their country. 

And that goes for both in the UK and in the US.