Just in case you forgot that Trump is a failure at everything, not just pandemic responses, and race relations. 

Courtesy of NYT:

Two years after he enthusiastically declared on Twitter that “there is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea,” classified assessments and experts outside government conclude that the country’s arsenal is far larger than it was when the leaders held the historic meeting, the first of three. The estimates vary, but most conclude the North has amassed enough fuel for about 20 nuclear weapons in the time since the two men strolled through a garden in Singapore for the ultimate post-Cold War photo opportunity.

“I think he’s going to do these things,” the president told reporters that day. “I mean, I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘Hey, I was wrong.’ I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind of an excuse.”

How it went wrong is a case study in the risks of overrelying on leader-to-leader diplomacy, especially with a president who dove into one of the world’s knottiest problems with little preparation. For a while, Mr. Trump answered every question about the slowness of progress the same way: that he still enjoyed a “great relationship” with Mr. Kim, and that the United States would have been at war with the North by now had he not intervened.

Maybe so. But the two countries have dug in deeper than ever, with the United States episodically tightening sanctions as North Korea opened new channels with China and Russia to evade them. At the same time, the North never slowed enriching uranium or working on its fleet of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

What they have avoided are any launches of missiles that could reach the United States, or new nuclear tests. Both countries are struggling, in very different ways, with coronavirus and the economic damage. And now, neither seems willing to risk an outright confrontation.

“Trump has told himself this was a win, and so has Kim,” said Vipin Narang, a nuclear expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Trump keeps repeating, ‘There wasn’t a war.’”

“For Kim Jong-un it was also a win because he is able to take the air out of the maximum pressure campaign” to crush the country economically, he said, “while he is still expanding his missile and nuclear force.”

Okay, first off there was NEVER going to be a war.

Kim Jong Un does not have the resources to wage a war, especially one against the United States. 

This statement of Trump’s is like his claim that banning travel from China saved “millions of lives” from the Coronavirus. 

They are both completely manufactured out of Trump’s fevered imagination and are unconnected to reality.

What is real is that Trump went over to North Korea to start peace negotiations and came away with Egg Drop Soup on his face.