Hopefully, they are only the first to be charged with many more to follow. 

Courtesy of Yahoo News

Two jail guards responsible for monitoring Jeffrey Epstein the night he killed himself were charged Tuesday with falsifying prison records to conceal they were sleeping and browsing the internet during the hours they were supposed to be keeping a close watch on prisoners.

Guards Toval Noel and Michael Thomas were accused in a grand jury indictment of neglecting their duties by failing to check on Epstein for nearly eight hours, and of fabricating log entries to show they had been making checks every 30 minutes, as required.

Prosecutors allege that instead of making their required rounds, the two guards sat at their desks, browsed the internet and walked around the unit’s common area. During one two-hour period, the indictment said, both appeared to have been asleep.

The charges against the officers are the first in connection with the wealthy financier’s death in August at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York, where he had been awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

The article also states that the surveillance cameras show that nobody else entered the area in which Epstein as housed, but they do not seem to have footage of the inside of the cell during this time period. 

I am hoping now with these two individuals charged that we might actually get to the bottom of who killed Jeffrey Epstein, because once again that man could not have broken his own neck with the tools at his disposal.