Of course, we do.

Courtesy of Reuters

Two out of three Americans want to see President Donald Trump’s income taxes, and about half believe he has been withholding them for reasons that could hurt him politically, according to a Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll.

Trump has refused to show the public his personal tax returns for years, bucking a decades-old tradition of financial transparency among presidential contenders. The businessman-turned-politician has routinely questioned the public’s interest in his taxes and said he would not release them because they are under audit.

The poll found 66% of adults agreed that Trump “should release his tax returns from earlier years,” and 68% said “Americans have a right to see each presidential candidate’s financial records before the election.”

When asked why the Republican president has not released the records, about half said it was because of reasons that could make it tougher for him to be re-elected.

According to the poll, 26% said they believe Trump’s taxes contain “incriminating evidence against him,” and 10% said Trump is “trying to hide significant financial losses.” Another 16% said they thought Trump does not want to reveal them because he “does not pay taxes.”

Fourteen percent said they thought Trump simply was pushing back against liberals, and 3% said Trump has not released his taxes because he is too busy dealing with the coronavirus.

Only 7% said Trump was withholding his taxes because they are being audited.

Really? There are 7% of us that believe Trump has been audited for the last five years? 

I bet there are telemarketers and televangelists just dying to get a list of those names. 

I for one would also like to see Trump’s tax returns.

But I would also like to see results from his IQ test, his college transcripts, and a report on his physical health from a doctor not controlled by the White House.