Well, that’s good to know. 

Courtesy of Politico

Twitter said Thursday it will label or remove posts that prematurely declare victory in the upcoming U.S. election, making it the latest social media company to set out a plan for a prolonged vote count and a president who appears primed to dispute results if he does not win.

The social network’s rules currently prohibit a narrower set of election-related tweets, including posts that stoke confusion about how to vote and other forms of voter suppression. And the platform in recent months has flagged some tweets by President Donald Trump and his allies that contained misleading information about mail-in voting.

But under its new guidelines, set to take effect next Thursday, Twitter will slap warning labels or take down posts “claiming victory before election results have been certified” or seeking to “prevent a peaceful transfer of power,” the company said in a blog post. And Twitter will take the same action against “disputed claims” about the electoral process, including “unverified information about election rigging, ballot tampering, vote tallying, or certification of election results.”

Twitter spokesperson Trenton Kennedy said the rules change is meant to both expand the range of misleading election-related tweets the company will act on and make more explicit what kind of posts will trigger action from the company.

The president has stoked fears he will decline to concede an election defeat or claim early victory by casting doubt on the legitimacy of the voting process.

I would really like to see Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram jump on board with this as well. 

We know they are going to try and pull a fast one, so the more social media outlets that refuse to carry their misinformation the better. 

I predict that this will be the ugliest election in US history.