Courtesy of USA Today:

Saying she “lacks the temperament” to be president, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard slammed Democratic presidential primary opponent Sen. Kamala Harris as not qualified to be the nation’s next commander in chief.

“Kamala Harris is not qualified to serve as commander in chief and I can say this from a personal perspective as a soldier,” Gabbard said during an interview on Fox Sports Radio posted online Tuesday. “She’s got no background or experience in foreign policy and she lacks the temperament that is necessary for commander in chief.”

Harris experienced a bump in polling following the first 2020 Democratic primary debate after her powerful exchange with frontrunner Joe Biden. Harris called out the former vice president for opposing federally mandated busing to integrate schools while he was in Congress.

Gabbard, however, has since criticized Harris for engaging in that exchange with Biden, because it was, in Gabbard’s view, “underhanded.”

“Personal attacks just for the sake of trying to push yourself forward in the campaign I think are underhanded,” she said during an interview with “The View” on Monday.

Isn’t it kind of hard to accuse somebody of “underhanded personal attacks” right before engaging in personal attacks of your own?

I think the real problem that Gabbard is having with Harris is that Harris is currently polling at #4 in the Democratic lineup while Gabbrd is seething will jealousy at #9.

Personally I do not think that serving in the military is carries that much weight in choosing a president. 

I am much more concerned with intelligence, political experience, truthfullness, and integrity. 

And by the criteria just listed Kamala Harris stands head  and shoulders above Tulsi Gabbard.