That certainly has the ring of truth.

Courtesy of NPR:

The Transportation Security Administration withheld N95 masks from staff and exhibited “gross mismanagement” in its response to the coronavirus crisis – leaving employees and travelers vulnerable during the most urgent days of the pandemic, a senior TSA official alleges in a new whistleblower complaint.

On Thursday evening, the Office of Special Counsel, an independent federal agency that handles whistleblower complaints, said it had found “substantial likelihood of wrongdoing” in the complaint and ordered the Department of Homeland Security to open an investigation.

TSA Federal Security Director Jay Brainard is an official in charge of transportation security in the state of Kansas and has been with the agency for almost 20 years.

He told NPR that the leadership of his agency failed to protect its staff from the pandemic, and as a result, allowed TSA employees to be “a significant carrier” for the spread of the coronavirus to airport travelers.

“We did not take adequate steps to make sure that we were not becoming carriers and spreaders of the virus ourselves,” Brainard says. “I believe absolutely that that contributed to the spread of the coronavirus.”

His allegations include that personal protective equipment was withheld from TSA employees, that local supervisors were not permitted to mandate masks, that the TSA failed to adequately execute contact tracing, and the TSA declined to require that employees change or sanitize gloves between passengers.

I would suggest that it is beyond any doubt that poorly prepared airlines and airports helped to spread this virus. 

And if the TSA was as poorly equipped as this report suggests then I can see no way that they were not complicit in the initial spread of this pandemic. 

Trump likes to brag that he saved millions of lives by blocking travel from China, but of course, that is all bullshit. 

What is true is that his administration may have cost thousands of lives by not adequately preparing airline officials to protect their employees and customers from contracting this terrible disease.

I have said it before but I will say it again, if you are choosing to travel by airplane right now you are playing a kind of airline Russian Roulette which may cost the lives of both you and your family members. 

I have never been a huge fan of air travel, and I may never fly again, and I am totally fine with that.