Courtesy of People:

President Donald Trump‘s re-election campaign has routinely made bizarre, even trolling choices in order to go viral while promoting him and his agenda.

The campaign took that strangeness to another level Friday, posting an edited image of President Trump’s head on climate activist Greta Thunberg‘s new TIME cover.

The manipulation of Thunberg’s “Person of the Year” cover shows Trump’s 73-year-old head pasted onto her 16-year-old body along with a list of his 2016 campaign promises that his re-election team claims he has already accomplished.

“There’s only one Person of The Year,” the campaign wrote with the altered cover. (Trump, noted for his love of being on magazines, has a special fascination with TIME, even making fake covers in the past.)

You know the first questions you have to ask is do these people think this helps Trump in some way?

Or is this just some lame attempt to “stick it to the liberals?” 

Because I have to say this does not anger me, or agitate me at all. 

It simply concerns me whether or not the people behind this Twitter account, the same account by the way that put Trump’s head on the body of supervillain Thanos,  are receiving the proper dosage of medication. 

Because I kind of doubt it.