Wait, what?

Courtesy of the New York Post:

A top White House aide on Russia was reportedly escorted from the building after being placed on administrative leave during a security-related probe.

Andrew Peek, the head of European and Russian affairs at the National Security Council, was escorted from the White House on Friday, Bloomberg reported on Saturday.

Peek, who took the position in November, was placed on administrative leave pending the security investigation, Axios reported.

He is the third person in that position to leave in the past year.

His predecessors, Tim Morrison and Fiona Hill, testified last fall during the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s dealings in Ukraine.

What is with Trump and his Russia advisers?

My first thought while reading this was that either this guy was spying for Russia, hence the security concerns, or that he was about to reveal that Trump was spying for Russia, hence the need to be removed and escorted off the premises. 

I mean it might be something less scandalous, but since this is the Trump White House I kinda doubt it.