Oh, that’s going to piss him off.

Courtesy of The Hill:

Former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer announced on Friday that he was endorsing former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s bid for the White House.

In a release, Spencer, who was appointed by President Trump, said: “I have the utmost confidence that Mike will faithfully execute his duty as Commander in Chief.”

Spencer also said that he believes that Bloomberg will restore the United States’ global reputation while helping the country’s veterans.

Spencer served in the Trump administration but was forced to resign after he condemned the president for restoring the rank of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, who was convicted of posing with the dead body of a teenage ISIS fighter.

Bloomberg and Spencer are expected to jointly address veterans and military families in Norfolk, Va., where Bloomberg will unveil his plan for the military, ABC News reports.

For the record Richard Spencer has historically supported Republicans for office, so this is yet another former Republican that Trump has sent fleeing from his party. 

I am still on the fence concerning Bloomberg and do not like the idea of rich people buying their way into the primaries. 

However I am positive that Bloomberg could defeat Trump in the general so I am not about to write him off completely.