The Trump virus claims another victim.

Courtesy of NYT:

Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff who abided by President Trump’s efforts to play down the coronavirus throughout the summer, has contracted the virus himself, a senior administration official said on Friday night.

Mr. Meadows tested positive for the virus on Wednesday, the official said, and he told a small group of advisers. A Trump campaign adviser, Nick Trainer, has also learned he has the virus, a person briefed on his diagnosis said.

And four other White House officials tested positive for the virus, a person familiar with the diagnoses told The New York Times. Bloomberg News also reported on the additional cases.

One White House official, who asked for anonymity because the official was not allowed to speak publicly about internal discussions, said people were told to keep quiet about the various cases. That follows how Mr. Meadows reacted when there was an outbreak in Vice President Mike Pence’s office a few weeks ago. At the time, Mr. Meadows sought to keep those cases from becoming public.

So they tried to keep the press from learning about another victim of this pandemic, how on-brand of them. 

Meadows has recently been photographed with Trump and others inside the White House on numerous occasions while not wearing a mask nor practicing any social distancing. 

Trump acolyte Matt Gaetz has also contracted the virus.

Courtesy of Politico

Another high-profile member of the president’s circle tested positive: GOP Rep. MATT GAETZ of Florida told multiple people on Capitol Hill and in the White House that he too had contracted the virus.

You remember Matt Gaetz don’t you?

Yeah, that’s him. the guy mocking the call for mask-wearing in the congressional building. 

Oh karma, you do work in mysterious ways. 

As far as I’m concerned if this administration and their allies want to keep infecting each other until their final days in office that is fine with me, I just want Biden to make sure to deep clean the entire building before he, or his people, steps one foot inside.