It looks as if Trump is shooting himself in the foot again.

Courtesy of the Washington Examiner

President Trump’s extreme opposition to mail-in ballots is more likely hurting him and down-ballot Republicans than it is helping him.

Mounting evidence in voter registration data, a survey, and organizer anecdotes shows that instead of preventing the voting method from being a major factor in the November election, his stance is turning Republican voters off from using the method entirely, which could have the effect of depressing Republican votes.

The president’s rampant alarmism on mail-in voting — most recently claiming that foreign governments will rig the election by printing millions of mail-in ballots, an idea rebuked by elections officials — frustrates those trying to push state election officials and Congress to provide ample absentee voting and in-person voting options and resources in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. They point out that many analyses find that mail-in voter fraud is small and often prosecuted.

Republicans waging legal battles on mail-in voting worry that states do not have the infrastructure to make a quick switch to mail-in systems by November and that some states create an environment ripe for fraud when they allow people to request and return others’ votes with “ballot harvesting” or automatically send every voter a ballot, among other issues.

Trump’s amplification and distortion of those gripes, however, creates a different problem: As he blacklists mail-in voting, he discourages Republicans from using the method as Democrats organize around it.

Emerging state figures on those who have requested mail-in or absentee ballots show a Democratic advantage.

What Trump failed to consider is that a number of Republicans rely on mail-in-voting, and by vilifying it he will simply frighten them into skipping this election entirely. 

There are also a number of red states that rely heavily on mail-in-ballots whose Republican leaders are now under attack for the decades-old practice. 

All in all, Trump has created quite a quagmire for himself and his fellow GOP candidates.