Oh, this is bad.

Courtesy of ABC News:

National Guard troops were deployed near the White House Monday evening hours after President Donald Trump said he wanted a military show of force against violent protests gripping the nation.

Shortly after, Trump came to the White House Rose Garden to call himself the “law and order” president, saying “domestic terrorism” was to blame for the unrest. “We will it end it now,” Trump said, calling on governors to “dominate the streets.”

He said he would deploy the United States active duty military if governors failed to use the National Guard more forcefully.

Before Trump spoke, what appeared to be gas was used to disperse protesters.

Several truckloads of DC National Guard troops arrived near Lafayette Park across Pennsylvania Avenue where large groups of protesters had fought with police for the past three nights, at one point on Friday causing officials to have Trump taken to a bunker below the White House for his protection.

A U.S. official said that active duty Army military police units from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, are getting ready to be on standby in the Washington, D.C. area Monday night after three days of violent protests, including fires set near the White House.

The National Guard troops are going to be protecting national monuments, the White House, property, and infrastructure, the official said.

Trump finally got the war that he wanted, only it is now against American citizens. 

Apparently some of Trump’s aides have been urging him to invoke the Insurrection Act which would allow him to use American troops against our own people. 

Remember how we all pooh-poohed the idea that Trump would declare Martial Law in order to hold onto power after the election?

Yeah, well I am a lot less sure of that now.