Haven’t we already been through this?

Courtesy of Rolling Stone:

The “Salute to America” extravaganza on the National Mall this July 4th is poised to be one of the gaudiest, most over-the-top displays of jingoism in American history. President Trump wouldn’t have it any other way. According to the Washington Post, Trump has “demonstrated an unusual level of interest” in Thursday’s event, receiving regular briefings about it from Interior Secretary David Bernhardt. Just as with his proposed border wall, the president has advised on just about every aspect of the event’s aesthetics, which, if he gets his wish, will feature “tanks or other armored military vehicles” stationed around the National Mall.

This isn’t the first time Trump has wanted to use tanks to drum up patriotism. After attending a Bastille Day event in Paris in 2017, Trump became enamored with the idea of staging a military parade. The president wanted heavily armored military vehicles to roll down the streets of Washington, but the Pentagon denied the request because of the damage they would do the city’s infrastructure. A few months later, the entire event was canceled amid ballooning costs. Trump blamed local politicians.

It’s unclear how much the “Salute to America” celebration will cost taxpayers, and the Department of the Interior declined a request from the Post to comment on the cost of the event. Whatever the price tag, it will come at the expense of America’s national parks, which are already severely underfunded.

A fleet of tanks dotting the site where Trump delivered his inaugural address over two years ago wouldn’t be the only extravagance of the president’s 4th of July bash. The event will feature a military flyover, as well as a 35-minute fireworks display. According to the Post, the pyrotechnics show will render an American flag and the letters “U.S.A.” across the sky. Trump will also deliver an address, one in which he is likely to target Democrats as the principal threat to whatever the “Salute to America” is meant to represent.

I don’t think that anything about DC’s infrastructure has fundamentally changed so I don’t see how Trump expects to get those armored vehicles he wants?

However, he is definitely getting that military flyover and gaudy fireworks display so maybe that will placate his ginormous ego for at least a little while. 

This man spends taxpayer money like it’s OPM.

Oh, that’s right, it is.