Maybe he is hoping to get one last positive performance review from the boss before the Democrats take his job away. 

Courtesy of NBC News

President Donald Trump has told aides he’d like to hold an in-person meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin before the November election, according to four people familiar with the discussions.

Administration officials have explored various times and locations for another Trump-Putin summit, including potentially next month in New York, these people said.

The goal of a summit would be for the two leaders to announce progress towards a new nuclear arms control agreement between the U.S. and Russia, the people familiar with the discussions said. One option under consideration is for the two leaders to sign a blueprint for a way forward in negotiations on extending New START, a nuclear arms control treaty between the U.S. and Russia that expires next year, three of the people familiar with the discussions said.

They said Trump sees a summit as an opportunity to be presidential and demonstrate he’s able to negotiate agreements.

“He wants it to show his deal-maker abilities,” one of them said. “It’s just a big stage.”

We have already seen how Putin and Trump make deals. 

Putin tells Trump to jump and Trump asks “How high?” and I think he might get a cookie if he does a good job. 

Personally I think that Trump and Putin should be kept separate until well after Joe Biden gets sworn in as the 46th President. 

If we don’t do that he might end up surrendering the United States to Russia or something.