If this tweet caught you off guard last night, don’t worry you were not alone. 

Courtesy of NYT:

The president’s announcement was startling for multiple reasons. A surprise summit at Camp David with leaders of an insurgent group that has killed thousands of Americans since the October 2001 invasion of Afghanistan would have been a sensational diplomatic gambit, on par with Mr. Trump’s meetings with the once-reclusive North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. A senior administration official said the meeting had been planned for Monday, just two days before the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, which were plotted from Afghanistan and led to the United States’ invasion of the country.

Mr. Trump’s statement also appears to scuttle — for now — his longstanding hope to deliver on a campaign promise to withdraw American troops from an 18-year conflict that he has called an aimless boondoggle.

It comes amid stubborn resistance within Afghanistan’s government about the peace agreement that had been under discussion, not only for security reasons but also because Mr. Ghani has been determined to preserve a planned Sept. 28 election, which he is favored to win. The Taliban have insisted on postponing the election before proceeding with negotiations with the Afghan government.

Several people familiar with the diplomacy between the Trump administration and the Taliban puzzled over Mr. Trump’s stated decision to cancel peace negotiations entirely in response to one American casualty, however tragic. The Taliban had not agreed to halt their attacks on Americans in advance of a formal agreement. That raised the question of whether Mr. Trump might have been looking for a pretext because the talks had run into trouble.

I am not going to lie I seriously doubted that any of this was even real when I first heard about it because, well you know, the guy lies about everything. 

However the planned meeting has been confirmed by the Afghan government as well as Taliban spokespeople. 

It does not sound as if anybody was all that keen for the meeting to move forward.

Courtesy of WaPo:

Afghan officials, commentators and citizens overwhelmingly welcomed on Sunday President Trump’s announcement that he was canceling a planned secret meeting with Afghan and Taliban leaders at Camp David, effectively calling off the troubled U.S.-Taliban peace talks aimed at ending the 18-year conflict.

It was as if a poisoned bubble had suddenly burst, releasing both relief and hope into the air after weeks of mounting tension and suspicion — even as it created new fears over what would come next.

For its part, the Taliban spokesman responded Sunday saying the group had been ready to sign a peace agreement with the U.S., but now it would continue to wage jihad against “foreign occupation.”

Few Afghans had trusted the closed-door process from the beginning, fearing that the U.S. government would make too many concessions to the insurgents, giving them free rein to return to extremist Islamic rule and allowing Afghan democratic rights and personal freedoms to be sacrificed.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that it does not appear Trump bothered to lay the groundwork to make this a successful negotiation and failed to gain the trust of any of the proposed participants. 

And let’s face it, do any of us actually have faith that Donald Trump could broker an effective peace deal with the Taliban?

Especially knowing that there are tweets like this out there?

I think we dodged a bullet here, but now I am worried that there are more secret deals being made by Trump that none of us know about and that the next president will spend the majority of their first term in office trying to clean up.