Trump tweets that he has “absolute right” to pardon himself.

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So Trump is apparently confusing his legal team of ambulance chasers, ass kissers, and washed up politicians as “legal scholars.”

Actually according to one of the washed up politicians on his staff attempting to do so would be problematic.

Courtesy of NBC News:

“The president of the United States pardoning himself would just be unthinkable. And it would lead to probably an immediate impeachment,” Giuliani said. “President Trump has no need to do that. He didn’t do anything wrong.”

Trump also demonstrated his lack of knowledge about the Constitution.

That’s funny, I don’t remember him suggesting this while President Clinton was facing impeachment.

Nor did he think it unconstitutional when he said this:

I don’t think we have ever seen a presidency self-destruct this quickly in the entire history of America. 

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  1. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 6:42 am

    He needs to test this theory ….. Shoot Jeff Sessions dead and then give himself a pardon.

  2. Paul June 4, 2018 at 7:14 am

    Unfortunately, we have reached the point where most elected republicans and republican voters would support almost anything Donnie Despot would do, including declaring marshal law. These republican voters have one overwhelming objective: to preserve the white man’s traditional superiority (in their view) over everyone else. As a recent study showed, these voters are willing to end democracy and embrace authoritarianism to reach their objective. We certainly can’t count on the SCOTUS, which has five members who have demonstrated repeatedly that they have no desire to abide by the U.S. constitution. Elected republicans? They shit in their pants anytime Dotard tweets something negative about them. Our only hope is November’s election. Hopefully it is not too late by then.

  3. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 7:25 am

    “I’ve written for more than a year that RussiaGate would culminate in constitutional crisis over the president’s pardon power,” wrote Blackmon, who won a Pulitzer for his book on the post-Civil War treatment of black Americans called “Slavery by Another Name.” “Contrary to what Donald Trump or any ‘experts’ have said, the Founders and the Supreme Court have been clear for 230 years, no one is above the law.””

    ““If the President can pardon himself, he can commit any federal crime without fear of prosecution,” he wrote. “This would include bribing members of Congress not to support impeachment proceedings, paying off witnesses against him, ordering federal contracts awarded to his children.”

    The bottom line, said Blackmon, is that granting the president the right to pardon himself takes America directly into the realm of tyranny.

    “If the president can pardon himself as he claims, we live in a country in which the president can declare himself a dictator,” he concluded. “That is NOT the United States of America.””

    ““Just bad. It was terrible,” one of the sources told CNN. “Macron thought he would be able to speak his mind, based on the relationship. But Trump can’t handle being criticized like that.”

    In a statement ahead of the Thursday call, CNN noted, the French president called Trump’s decision to impose the tariffs “illegal” and a “mistake.””

    “Trump’s 500 Days messages so far today:
    – I’ve accomplished a lot
    – The economy is great
    – I almost repealed Obamacare but John McCain is bad
    – I can definitely pardon myself”

    “Trump pretty much has a megaphone where he is screaming at the country, “I did it all, whatcha gonna do about it?” “

  4. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 7:43 am

    ‘“Under the fundamental rule that no one may be a judge in his own case, the President cannot pardon himself,”’
    “The Justice Department was right that guidance could be found in the enduring principles that no one can be both the judge and the defendant in the same matter, and that no one is above the law.

    The Constitution specifically bars the president from using the pardon power to prevent his own impeachment and removal. It adds that any official removed through impeachment remains fully subject to criminal prosecution. That provision would make no sense if the president could pardon himself.”

  5. Old Redneck June 4, 2018 at 8:08 am

    What’s the difference between Trump and a Disney movie??

    The Disney movie is The Lion King while Trump is on track to be The Lying King!!

  6. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 8:18 am

    ‘“I acknowledge I had a consensual relationship with a Playboy Playmate,” Broidy told the paper. “At the end of our relationship, this woman shared with me that she was pregnant. She alone decided that she did not want to continue with the pregnancy and I offered to help her financially during this difficult period.”’
    “The hacked emails were also central to a recent Associated Press story detailing Broidy’s alleged efforts to lobby the Trump administration on behalf of the Saudis and Emiratis. ”
    “Broidy worked with an associate named George Nader—who is also a convicted pedophile and reportedly a cooperating witness for the Mueller probe—to push for the two Gulf states’ strategic ends in Washington. In exchange, according to the AP, both men expected generous defense contracts.”
    “Broidy and his allies are currently suing the state of Qatar over the hacks. They allege that Qatari state-backed actors were responsible for hacking him, and described it in a complaint as “a sophisticated electronic warfare, espionage and disinformation campaign.” The suit alleges that the hackers targeted Broidy’s wife with a spearphishing scheme similar to the one that took down Clinton chairman John Podesta’s email account. The state of Qatar denies any culpability in the hack—even as Broidy’s friends have note the similarity between this email exploitation and the one conducted against Yousef al-Otaiba—the UAE’s powerful ambassador to Washington a potent diplomatic foe of the Qataris.” “He singled out Nicholas Muzin, a former senior staffer to Sen. Ted CRUZ and lobbyist for Qatar, in his lawsuit.”
    “He also singled out a Qatari operative named Ahmed al-Rumaihi; to make matters even more byzantine, al-Rumaihi is linked to Michael Cohen—the man who helped facilitate Broidy’s Playmate payoff.”
    “The news that the FBI is investigating the hack adds another layer of drama to the legal fight between Broidy and the Qataris. And it means there’s another high-profile hacking wrapped up in a federal investigation.”

  7. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 8:26 am

    CNN anchor blasts Trump team lies: ‘Writhing hydra of dishonesty’

    …“And just like the mythical creature, you chop off one lie, and two more emerge in its place,” he continued. “The January letter from the president’s lawyers admits that the president dictated what they call a ‘short but accurate response’ to the fact that Donald Trump Jr. met at Trump Tower with Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. ‘The president dictated,’ it says.”

    Berman then played clip after clip of Trump attorney Jay Sekulow saying Trump didn’t “write” the cover story, didn’t “sign off” on it, and “was not involved,” as well as press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders telling reporters that Trump “certainly didn’t dictate” the story.

    “Certainly he did,” Berman said. “So say his lawyers. Now there’s a lot of talk about the difference between a lie and a falsehood or untruth. Here, someone is lying. Either the president lied to Jay Sekulow and Sarah Sanders, or they lied to us.”

  8. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 8:28 am
    • anonymous June 4, 2018 at 8:49 am

      “Helmer created a campaign advertisement in which he compared Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden. In the ad he says, “After 9/11, the greatest threat to our democracy lived in a cave. Today, he lives in the White House.” An image of bin Laden is shown before the screen flashes to an image of the White House then a photo of President Trump.”
      ““No one, not even the President, is above the law. We need to elect leaders who will stand up to him and fight for our progressive values. #VA10””
      ““Obviously an ad like that gets noticed. We’re talking about it on the highest rated cable morning show in America. The question I have to you is, do you believe that Donald Trump is the moral equivalent of Osama bin Laden?”

      Helmer’s response really hit the mark:”I served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. And I did it for a simple reason, I swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies foreign and domestic.””
      “I know that the president watches every morning is to make sure we deliver a message that change is coming, that no one, not even our president, is above the law.”
      “The president has violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution, he has done actions that obstruct justice.”

      “He has tampered with witnesses,” Helmer continued. “He has violated campaign finance laws. He has engaged in conduct unbecoming of a president.”

      “A equals B,” Hegseth complained. “You are saying that Donald Trump is a terrorist.””
      “could be a rallying cry for the resistance and all Democratic candidates for office this year. In ending his interview Helmer made one thing perfectly clear:

      “The greatest threat to our democracy right now is a president who refuses to uphold his oath to abide by our Constitution and defend it.“”
      “This American hero has truly shown others the way we can fight against Trump tyranny and WIN.”

  9. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 8:42 am

    Obama calls on supporters to ‘take action’ to change leadership, laws on Gun Violence Awareness Day

  10. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 9:00 am

    “Former CIA Director John Brennan sharply criticized President Trump in a Washington Post op-ed published on Friday.

    The president “has shown highly abnormal behavior by lying routinely to the American people without compunction, intentionally fueling divisions in our country and actively working to degrade the imperfect but critical institutions that serve us,” Brennan writes.

    Brennan says Trump’s actions are based on how they will “personally help or hurt him.”

    “For more than three decades, I observed and analyzed the traits and tactics of corrupt, incompetent and narcissistic foreign officials who did whatever they thought was necessary to retain power. Exploiting the fears and concerns of their citizenry, these demagogues routinely relied on lies, deceit and suppression of political opposition to cast themselves as populist heroes and to mask self-serving priorities,” Brennan adds. “It never dawned on me that we could face such a development in the United States.”

    Brennan has been an outspoken critic of Trump.

    “Today, Donald Trump simultaneously lied about the Iranian nuclear deal, undermined global confidence in US commitments, alienated our closest allies, strengthened Iranian hawks, & gave North Korea more reason to keep its nukes. This madness is a danger to our national security,” Brennan tweeted on May 8.

    “Senator [Mitch] McConnell & Speaker [Paul] Ryan: If Mr. Trump continues along this disastrous path, you will bear major responsibility for the harm done to our democracy,” Brennan wrote in another tweet on May 20. “You do a great disservice to our Nation & the Republican Party if you continue to enable Mr. Trump’s self-serving actions.”

    In the Post op-ed, Brennan says he will “continue to speak out loudly and critically until integrity, decency, wisdom — and maybe even some humility — return to the White House.””

  11. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 9:54 am

    I am a Native American. The white man came and killed our people for their land in the name of god and then enslave the black man and no one believed when we said that the white man is a bully. Now Donald has bought this trait out in the bright light of daylight. White people are bullies. They have always been. Who else would shove their views down unsuspecting people’s throats? Who else would give two shits about baking a cake for gay people? Who else would make up rules citing the bible to overlord women’s bodies? Now, that there have been rules to overthrow some of these outlandish bully rules, the white man has one recourse. To bully his way past and above the rules of the land, that he himself made, mind you.
    Donald has accomplished only one thing. He is leading all the bullies of the land and the world. Before they were afraid to come out and outright say that because they are rich and white, they are better than all humans that aren’t. Now Donald is getting quiet support from those that are egging him on. Every day Donald tests these human made boundaries and everyday he passes and is now at the threshold of doing what Hitler almost succeeded in doing.
    There is no turning back. We brown people must go back to our old ways or die. We depend too much on the easy way. We lost all our ways that made it possible for us to live on a hard land now we are set up to perish if we don’t back away from this disaster that is going to happen.
    The night Donald was elected, the whole world felt the foreboding in their gut. Now we see it unfolding. No one does anything to call Donald on the rule breaking because those that have always been in power want to see just how far they can take this thing. When those in power get their way, then Donald will be harnessed. But not now. He is just getting started, and is on the roll.
    I cry out to brown people. Go back to Mexico and live a humble life. There is no American dream. It’s a myth. I cry out to my own Native American people, go back to your ways. Screw Nike, Spotify, and the Kardashians. Those were never our values. They have been implanted. We love the earth and its’ beauty. That’s our real value system. The ecosystem. That’s why we have a high rate of suicide and substance use. We don’t belong in the implanted culture we try to fit into on a daily miserable basis.
    I cry out to the sensible whites of the American land, don’t let yourself believe that Donald will not stampede over the rules of the land. He’s doing it. Every day. Then when the shit hits the fan you will be in stunned disbelief. And all the while, it was coming apart day by day, and people just complained, and moaned. When Donald is done with all of us, we will cry, and gnash our teeth.
    Just remember, all. That fateful night when he was elected by the crooked hands of the Kremlin, and we felt the reality hit us, that yes, the devil does exist, and he was just made president.

  12. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 10:44 am

    Yes, Mueller Can Subpoena Trump. No, Trump Can’t Pardon Himself.

    Trump’s lawyers are trying to muddy up two questions that already have legal opinions behind them. The DOJ determined previously that Nixon couldn’t pardon himself, and there are numerous court rulings that suggest that a president must comply with a subpoena.

    Here is a discussion on MSNBC of subpoenas and self-pardons:

    Democrats Play The Founding Fathers Card And Shoot Down Trump’s Self-Pardon

    …Ranking Member Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) of the House Committee on the Judiciary, released the following statement in response to President Trump’s incorrect claims of an ‘absolute’ right to pardon himself, and that the Special Counsel investigation is ‘unconstitutional’:

    “President Trump has asserted that he has the ‘absolute’ right to pardon himself and that the appointment of the Special Counsel is ‘unconstitutional.’ He thinks that, because he is the President, his actions cannot be an obstruction of justice. His lawyers think that he can ignore a subpoena from a federal grand jury, and threaten the Special Counsel accordingly.

    “But President Trump is wrong.

  13. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 10:45 am

    Sen. Grassley on Giuliani’s Remark That Trump Could Pardon Himself: ‘I Would Hire a New Lawyer’

  14. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 10:51 am

    GOP Strategist: McCarthy ‘Disqualified Himself’ for House Speaker With ‘Disgraceful’ Claims on Sunday Shows

    …McCarthy’s lack of pushback, though, did not sit well with GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, who told MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt that McCarthy’s apparent “servility” to Trump actually disqualifies him from the Speaker job he covets so much.

    “It gives me no pleasure to say this. I’ve known Kevin McCarthy for a long time and I consider him a friend. But he disqualified himself for the Speakership of the House,” Schmidt said. “At the end of the day, if one of the parties wants to make a monkey the majority leader, I’m pretty indifferent to it.”

    Schmidt then continued on: “But the Speaker is a constitutional officer, third in line to the office of the President of the United States. And what you saw was a partisan there, somebody who would do anything, complete servility to the leader to Donald Trump, above the Constitution, above the system of checks and balances, above the rule of law.”

    He added: “It is disgraceful to watch it.”

  15. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 10:54 am

    “Here’s the thing, every tweet, every Giuliani interview, every leaked memo, every lie, reveals what looks like could be called a four-point strategy from the president and his legal team with one goal in mind — to convince the public, or at least enough voters out there — not to trust anyone but team Trump.”

    “Point one, lie. Or at least recollect differently,” Tur said, explaining the misleading Donald Trump, Jr. statement dictated on Air Force One.

    “Point two, discredit the investigation,” she continued, referencing Trump’s 52 complaints of a “witch hunt” posted on Twitter, which continued Monday morning.

    “Point three, muddy the waters to confuse the public,” Tur suggested, citing the misleading claims about the role of Paul Manafort in the Trump campaign.

    “Finally, point four, paint Donald Trump the victim,” she added.

    “If Donald Trump is innocent, why is he doing everything he can to take down the investigation?” Tur asked.


  16. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 11:03 am

    Kellyanne Conway’s Attorney Husband Skewers the Absurdity of Trump’s Mueller Is ‘Unconstitutional’ Tweet

  17. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 11:08 am

    DOJ’s Own Website Clearly Contradicts Trump on Presidential Self-Pardons

    President Donald Trump‘s claim that the American president is imbued with the legal ability to pardon himself is clearly contradicted by the Department of Justice on the agency’s own website.

    …Reasonable people, therefore, might find themselves wondering what the actual answer here is. To be clear: since this is absolutely untested law, no one really knows. But for those inclined toward looking to some sort of precedent, the Department of Justice itself is very clear on the matter.

  18. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 11:18 am

    Did anyone ever doubt for a second before his ghastly Monday morning tweet that Donald Trump would pardon himself? Of course he would. He will do anything he can get away with. Anyone who doesn’t by now acknowledge that is being intentionally stupid.

    His lawyers have conveniently affirmed for us that he’ll do anything he can get away with. They say he could murder someone. They say that by definition he can’t break the law—any law. Rudy Giuliani says Trump shouldn’t testify because he might perjure himself; on the one hand, that’s a normal thing for a defense lawyer to say, but on the other, it’s a total through-the-looking-glass moment, because the presumption behind Giuliani’s statement, a presumption we have all tragically come to accept as a given, is that there’s simply no chance that the president of the United States can sit there for one afternoon and not tell a pack of lies.

    We are in a crisis, and it’s a crisis of certainty, because we know that the showdown is inevitable. With another president and another lawyer and another political party, we could hope that some combination of the law and respect for constitutional norms would bring them to heel. But with Trump and Giuliani and this Republican Party, we have every reason to think the showdown is unavoidable.

    We know that at some point in the future, perhaps next year, we will need Republicans in Congress to step up and say “enough.” It’s a terrifying thought. We’ve been asking this question for 15 months, but we have to keep asking it: What will it take for the Republicans to say he’s gone too far? Maybe a self-pardon. But who knows? The only little flash of backbone they’ve shown has been in saying (mostly in private) that if Trump fired Jeff Sessions, they wouldn’t appoint a replacement. But is that partly just because Sessions is their old colleague? And anyway, Trump could fire Sessions during a Senate recess and then name a recess appointment.

    And ultimately, of course, the question of limits on presidential power will likely be decided by the courts. By “the courts,” I mean two: The D.C. Court of Appeals, the most important federal circuit court in the country, and of course the Supreme Court.

    Let’s start with the DC Circuit Court. And this is delicious. Bear with me.

  19. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 11:35 am

    Katy Tur Blows Up Trump’s 4 Point Strategy For Surviving The Russia Investigation

    …Trump is trying to confuse enough people, or create just enough doubt to keep himself in office. It is a strategy that would have had zero chance of success in another era, but Trump has Fox News on his side, and they are endlessly pumping out propaganda to 2-3 million diehard Trump supporters. The Trump strategy is about creating distraction, confusion, and doubt. It is the same approach that he used during the 2016 election. The Mueller investigation has replaced Hillary Clinton, but the tactics are the same.

    The worst that can happen to Trump is that the American people don’t fall for the distractions, stay focused on the facts, and never stop demanding the truth.

    The Trump strategy is simple. It is up to the voters to make sure that he doesn’t get away with it.

  20. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 11:37 am

    ‘How can we believe what you’re saying?’ Reporter steamrolls Sarah Sanders for lying about Trump Tower meeting

    …At Monday’s White House press briefing, one correspondent noted that a leaked letter from Trump’s legal team revealed that Sanders had falsely claimed to reporters in 2017 that Trump did not “dictate” the letter.

    “If you say one thing from the podium, that it wasn’t dictated by the president,” Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey asked, “as long as you are saying something entirely different and contradicting, how are we supposed to know what to believe? How can we believe what you’re saying from the podium if his lawyers are saying it’s entirely inaccurate.”

    Sanders, however, declined to answer the question, instead referring it to Trump’s outside attorneys.

    But Dawsey pressed: “You literally said, ‘He did not dictate.’ The lawyers say he did. What is it?”

    “I’m not going to respond to the letter from the president’s outside counsel,” Sanders stated robotically. “I would refer you to them for comment.”

    Watch the video below from CNN.

  21. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 11:46 am

    What comes next in Trump’s big power-grab: How close is he to staging a coup?

    If Trump purges the Justice Department and seizes “emergency” powers…

    …Put into broader terms, Trump believes he controls the entirety of federal law enforcement and therefore isn’t beholden to it. So he can’t obstruct an investigation in which he’s technically both a subject and the chief investigator, per Article II of the Constitution. Likewise, Trump maintains that he can fire anyone serving in the executive branch, including the FBI director or, yes, the Justice Department special counsel currently investigating him. Specifically, the letter states: “[Trump] could, if he wished, terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon if he so desired.”

    I take the “terminate the inquiry” line to mean Trump is asserting that if the special counsel’s investigation steps over a particular (if unspecified) line, Trump could start firing people, from Attorney General Jeff Sessions on down, certainly including Robert Mueller. But that’s merely a near-term concern.

    Let’s not forget that Trump has relentlessly repeated for at least a year now that the Russia investigation is a “witch hunt,” with the not-so-subtle subtext being that the Justice Department, including the FBI, is filled with criminal traitors engaged in a coup d’état against the entire Trump regime. The “deep state” conspiracy theory, it’s called. While those of us on the normal side of the ledger know it’s all nonsense, pro-Trump trolls and loyalists like Kurt Schlichter and Franklin Graham, among many others, believe — or at least claim to believe — that the deep state is in the midst of a coup against the president. Worse, it’s not out of bounds to assume that most of Trump’s base, which currently hovers at around 44 percent of American voters, agree with the coup theory. Seventy-four percent of Americans believe the “deep state” controls policy, thanks in part to Trump.

    If Trump’s base is firm, then 44 percent of American voters, give or take, might be willing to go along with the president if he retaliates against the (fictitious) coup by clearing house at the DOJ. The base would perceive this as in itself a form of justice being served, when the true goal would be to kill off the Russia investigation and, by extension, the investigation into Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen by federal prosecutors in New York. Furthermore, it’s not utterly unimaginable that Trump could use his commander-in-chief powers to order the arrest of Justice Department officials who, as the White House and Fox News would repeatedly allege, were participants in the coup.

    God-emperor Donald Trump wants to rule the world: The good news is he’s terrible at it
    Trump is now testing, and stretching, the limits of presidential power, both at home and abroad. It’s not good

  22. Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    Trump has radically escalated his attacks on Mueller

    These sweeping presidential powers claims sound like the prelude to a showdown.

    …The implications for the rule of law are striking. Trump’s legal team has taken the position that Trump is perfectly free to launch investigations into anyone he wants, to end any investigations he dislikes, to fire anyone who won’t carry out his wishes, and to pardon anybody at any time. These claims are all disputed by legal scholars, but they echo Nixon-era arguments that the president is above the law.

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