Courtesy of the AP:

Using stark “us vs. them” language, President Donald Trump and his reelection campaign have begun framing his impeachment not as a judgment on his conduct but as a referendum on how Democrats regard him and his supporters

Mere days from the start of an election year, the White House and its allies are painting Trump’s impeachment on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress as an effort to undo his 2016 victory and discount the will of the people.

There was nothing subtle about Trump’s pinned tweet shortly after impeachment: “In reality, they’re not after me. They’re after you,” was plastered above a photo of Trump pointing at the reader. “I’m just in the way.”

All but certain to be acquitted in next year’s trial by the Republican-controlled Senate, Trump has considered a barnstorming tour after the yet-to-be-scheduled trial ends, hoping to use a backward-looking message to propel him forward in 2020. His campaign believes that anger at impeachment may be the motivation needed to bring out voters who stayed home in the 2016 election but approve of the president and are fed up with the Washington establishment.

“After three years of sinister witch hunts, hoaxes, scams,” Trump roared during an impeachment-night rally in Michigan, “the House Democrats are trying to nullify the ballots of tens of millions of patriotic Americans.”

There were hints that this was his plan even before the House vote last week.

And make no mistake it will absolutely turn out his base of supporters. 

The Evangelical leaders have all started to circle the wagons wround Trump after that article in Christianity Today calling for his impeachment came out, so it is likey he will still hang onto the majority of his religious base. 

These are people who do not make critical decisions on their own, they are merely a conduit through which their religious leaders can achieve their goals. 

And this base along with the conservatives who always vote Republican, and those social media users just waiting to be manipulated by the Russian influence campaign, means that Trump alredy has a significant head start on whoever emerges as the Democratic candidate in 2020. 

I am by no means suggesting that all is lost, but I am suggesting that Democrats, liberals, and rational thinkers need to unify to get this piece of human excrement out of office, and out of our lives forever.

Simply put if we are to have any hope of victory we need to put our petty differences aside and work as one to start setting things right in this country that we all love so much.